4 Murderers 2 Men Tied Up in Lebak Rubber Plants Threatened with the Death Penalty


Four suspects in the murder of two men tied up in a rubber plantation in Lebak, Banten, face the death penalty. The police charged them with multiple articles after believing the elements murder planned.

The four suspects have the initials MT (36), MA (30) and SP (40), residents of Serang Regency; and SM (30), a resident of Serang City. Meanwhile, the victims of the murder had the initials WD (39), a resident of North Jakarta, and KJA alias Kevin (48), a resident of East Kalimantan (East Kalimantan).

“The four suspects were charged with multiple articles, namely Article 340 of the Criminal Code concerning Murder Planning and/or Article 365 of the Criminal Code concerning Theft with Violence which carries the death penalty or life imprisonment,” said the Head of Banten Police Public Relations Commissioner Shinto Silitonga in a press conference at the Banten Police Headquarters, Serang, Monday (16/1/2023).

Shinto explained that the suspect was charged with multiple articles because he committed the crime murder planning and theft with violence. The suspect killed the victim by poisoning, then hitting the victim with a blunt object and snaring the victim’s neck.

“The victim WD (39), a resident of North Jakarta, works as a self-employed person. He suffered a noose wound to his neck and blunt force violence to his head,” he said.

“Meanwhile, the KJA victim alias Kevin (48), a resident of East Kalimantan, worked as a driver WD. He suffered a noose wound to the neck, as well as trauma to the right chest, broken ribs, and bleeding in the right frame that penetrated to the lungs,” added Shinto.

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From the hands of the suspect, the police also confiscated evidence in the form of a four-wheeled vehicle with the color Daihatsu Luxio brand silver with police number B-1574-UID along with the ignition key. Then, a white shoelace to snare the victim, an electric cable to tie the victim up, a white blanket with a blue pattern, 4 mobile phones and 1 token e-money belonging to the victim.

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[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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