30-year-old dies in Johannesviertel – police are investigating

Police arrested a 25-year-old on Thursday. A seriously injured woman had previously been found in an apartment in Darmstadt’s Johannesviertel.

The prosecutor’s office and the police are investigating a suspected murder that allegedly took place in the Johannesviertel in Darmstadt.
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Darmstadt – A seriously injured 30-year-old woman was discovered on Thursday at around 3.45pm in an apartment in Darmstadt’s Johannesviertel. According to a joint statement by the police and prosecutors, the woman died in the apartment despite immediate resuscitation measures taken by the emergency services. Authorities then launched a suspected murder investigation.

Investigators managed to provisionally arrest a 25-year-old suspect near the crime scene. Due to the operation, the Martin Luther King Ring had to be completely closed at times. Investigations into the exact context and circumstances of the crime are underway. The authorities have not yet provided any further information.

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