3-month-old baby infected with COVID-19, exposed at high risk from fathers eating at home

January 14, 2021


NCCC reveals the case of a 3-month-old infant infected with COVID in Bang Bon area Exposure to high risks from friends, dads to eat pork at home. Mother – 7 years old brother is also infected

On January 14, 64, MD. Wichaya Pawan, director of the Urban Disease Prevention and Control Institute (NDC), Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health. Discussed the situation of COVID-19 in Bangkok that the new outbreak of Bangkok was different from the first wave. With the new wave of patients not as high as the first wave Although the number of people who were eligible for disease investigation (PUI) was not lower than Showing that the surveillance system in the area is still working Does not reduce surveillance And the first wave of outbreaks was infection with no symptoms 29% while new waves were infected with 49% asymptomatic.

“The important cluster in Bangkok is the case of connecting Samut Sakhon Which was found very late Dec ’20 and gradually decreased until more and more began to be found from proactive search And if the entertainment place occurs 3 waves, which is the first wave in Pinklao area Wave Two Thonburi And wave three rows Bangna But what needs to be watched is that the outbreak has started in the family. Establishment And organizations continue to emphasize the strict surveillance measures in the workplace. Help each other look Detect and end the outbreak as quickly as possible. Overall, the situation is stable. But could not be trusted Must be monitored in the highest intensity Detect outbreaks quickly And stop the epidemic cycle as quickly as possible, “Dr. Wichan said.

Dr. Wichai continued that the main risk for Bangkok was the market because it was linked to the merchants who brought the products from Samut Sakhon. 117 markets have been surveyed, targeting all the merchants at risk by salivary testing, currently examining 1.2,000 cases, 14 patients this week, planning to collect 1.8 thousand more saliva samples to cover the entire market. High risk As for the measures of foreign workers, the foreign labor checkpoint was set to prevent moving. And survey areas where many workers live And planned random surveys in factories with foreign workers As for entertainment venues, risky venues have been closed.

In case of infection of a 3-month-old child in Bangkok, Dr. Wichan said it was a family infection in Bang Bon area. The family has 5 people in a row, 3 people, a mother, 40 years old and 2 sons, 7 years old and 3 months old, is a point near Samut Sakhon. Investigating the disease, it was found that a friend of her husband had eaten pork at home. The visiting friend had a nose that couldn’t smell. To detect an infection Therefore informed the family and checked All three had no symptoms. But a high-risk person Therefore examined and found, brought into treatment


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