HUAWEI supports 5G, AI, IoT innovation as an intelligent expressway. Vientiane – Vang Vieng

HUAWEI provides technical support for 5G, AI, IoT innovation to enhance the transport industry. A genius expressway “Vientiane-Vang Vieng” combines technology of the future for easy and safe travel.

When it comes to applying future technologies such as 5G, AI, ICT, and IoT, apply to various services or utilities in daily life. We are always thinking about improving the quality of life and increasing the convenience in an industry where network technology is already at the heart of it. Be it in the IT industry, which brings such innovations to enable the rapid storage and processing of massive amounts of data, 5G is applied in the telecommunication industry to provide the fastest connection network to both Consumers and organizations

Or even in public health that applied ICT to more effective care of patients. Such technology will not only result in a service that is several times faster than before. It also greatly enhances the operational processes in that industry. However, the adoption of such cutting-edge innovations in communications and mobility It is still a matter that has not been discussed widely. Even though transportation is the heart of every major city on the planet

Not long ago Huawei has joined forces to integrate the intelligent expressway service from Vientiane to Vang Vieng. It was jointly constructed and developed by Yunnan Construction and Investment Holding Group in cooperation with the Government of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Vientiane – Vang Vieng Expressway is considered Huawei and its partner, Yunnan Huayuan Electronics Co., Ltd, have jointly created a stable and secure intelligent ICT platform. With ICT technology, cloud computing technology, and world-class security management system. By installing communication and signaling equipment along the route Strengthened with Big Data analytics and other technical means to create integrated digital solutions that can support all forms of service and management, such as real-time intelligent monitoring systems. Service charge system Emergency response system And other analyzes etc.

In addition, the 5G network that will be introduced in Laos in 2021 will also be applied to the intelligent expressway. The technology of the future that combines 5G and AI will enhance and enhance the development of other infrastructure in Laos as well.

The starting point of the Vientiane-Vang Vieng Expressway Located in Vientiane city The capital of Laos and ends at Vang Vieng. One of the most famous tourist destinations in Laos. The opening of this expressway will greatly enhance the efficiency of local transport. It also continues to develop the economy and tourism along the way. Including creating benefits and enhancing the quality of life for the local people

Local tourists said that he was impressed with the travel experience on the Vientiane-Vang Vieng Expressway along the route. By admiring high-tech engineering buildings Modern concept And cutting-edge technology that enhances driving safety. In addition, electronic toll payment system (ETC) helps to improve traffic flow. Tidy And more convenient and faster

Different forms of ICT technology now play a role in transportation and in other industries more than ever before, and technology can help make transport safer. Helping to provide more convenience in people’s daily life It is also the cornerstone of driving the development of other areas of society through a fully intelligent connected world.

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