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3 mistakes that prevent weight loss in summer

Weight loss efforts that begin in the spring often do not yield results and usually hang on to the summer months. However, although the days get longer and the movement increases, some nutritional mistakes prevent weakening in the summer period. Specialist Dietitian Meltem Tombul listed 3 important reasons and solutions that make it difficult to lose weight in the summer:

1 – Trying to diet without expert support

In the summer, it is taken to get rid of the weight that is left over from the winter months or with frequent snacks, believing that it is more innocent than eating. Programs found as a result of a short research or lists created by non-experts with hearsay information are not questioned when captured. However, diet is personal. The weight lost as a result of unconsciously applied short-time programs is not from fat, but from muscle. In addition, an increase in edema occurs as a reaction in the body. Exactly for this reason, the negative values ​​seen on the scale after the diet come back within 1-2 weeks. As a result of muscle loss in the body in a short time, decrease in metabolic rate, slowdown in fat burning function, and fat storage tendency increases as a result of slowing metabolism.


Muscle loss and impaired biochemical parameters (blood values) as a result of unconscious application are among the most common conditions. For this reason, summer lists that make short-term promises should not be made without confirming their suitability by the expert. The word detox actually comes from the word detoxification and refers to the physiological removal of toxic substances from the body. In other words, it is a physiological process that the body does daily through healthy liver, kidneys, intestines, lymphatic systems without the need for any diet. If the person has a health problem in these organs, all unconscious practices should be avoided. You should prefer to “drink water”, which is the most natural method, to support them in this task that organs fulfill by themselves. (While calculating the amount of water you need, it varies according to many factors. You can calculate your daily water requirement superficially as if you were a standard individual with the kgx35 formula.) You should try to increase your muscle mass by adding any physical activity to your daily life. When muscle mass increases, metabolic rate increases and fat is burned.

2 – Consuming drinks in glasses like vases

In recent years, unfortunately, it has become fashionable to consume fruit juice, alcoholic beverages and acidic beverages in large glasses, almost as big as a flower vase. Of course, among these consumed liquids, there are also beneficial drinks compared to other liquids such as freshly squeezed fruit juice. However, even if it is healthy, it is always necessary to pay attention to the amounts. To get a glass of orange juice at home, we squeeze the juice of 3-5 oranges on average. Imagine how many juices we need to squeeze for a large glass of juice! Acidic beverages are also not recommended for health reasons, as they have high calories and increase the number of fat cells. Increasing social life in summer also increases alcohol consumption and alcoholic beverages are not innocent at all. When the calories of the beverages preferred to cool down are ignored, it becomes difficult to lose weight and easier to gain.


Individuals who want to use fruit as a meal replacement or create a meal with fruit in order to lose weight should consume it in the most appropriate form by including milk group and oil seeds, in order to pass with maximum satiety during consumption – until the next meal. In addition, in order not to consume the sugar of 4-5 fruits at the same time, fruit juice can be consumed in a small glass size in summer, provided that it is not every other day.
You can meet this need by choosing mineral water to reduce the consumption of soda. If you cannot consume mineral water plain, you can crush your favorite fruit to add flavor to it, supplement it with flavors such as fresh mint-lemon, or color your drink by creating ice cubes with crushed/sliced ​​fruits.

3- Prefer high-calorie coffees

Especially large-sized coffees with cream, high calorie and cold drinks integrated into daily life by big coffee chains are among the leading causes of weight gain in summer. Because the rate of weight gain is very high from drinks as well as food. Drinking two coffees with heavy cream meets most of the daily calorie needs of a standard individual. Daily calorie intake; It is calculated on the basis of basic needs such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Although most of the daily calorie needs are met with high-calorie beverages, the issue in healthy nutrition is not counting calories, but ensuring a balanced distribution of calories to food groups. Since these coffees do not meet the fiber that will give satiety and the vitamins and minerals that will feed the body, unbalanced nutrition emerges as in the uniform nutrition model. In addition, due to the sweeteners in it, it also negatively affects blood sugar and causes a feeling of hunger in a short time.


By changing your coffee preference with varieties such as plain Turkish coffee, milk/plain filter coffee, Espresso, Americano, Latte, you can both avoid excess calorie intake and positively support your metabolic working speed. In doing so, you will complete your daily caffeine requirement of 300-400 mg.

Since it will not be easy to switch from creamy and heavy coffees to the above-mentioned coffee types, you can consume dates/dried apricots/day-dried nuts and raw nuts in addition to coffee during the training phase. Thus, while changing your coffee preference, you will both provide a feeling of satiety and eliminate your sweet cravings.

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