27-Year-Old Dismemberment Case Solved: Science and Technology Aid in Identification and Arrest

27-Year-Old Dismemberment Case Solved: Science and Technology Aid in Identification and Arrest

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With the advancement of science and technology, many unsolved cases that were difficult to solve in the past have been solved with the help of science and technology. Recently, China’s Liaoning Province announced that it had solved a case of dismemberment of a woman 27 years ago. Not only did it determine the identity of the victim, it also arrested the suspect.

According to a report by “Sina News”, a case of dismemberment of a woman occurred in Fuxin City, Liaoning Province, China on April 21, 1996. At that time, some people claimed that unknown body parts were found somewhere in Gaodedongshan, Taiping District, Fuxin City. On May 12 of the same year, another female head was found somewhere in Haizhou District, Fuxin City. After forensic examination, it was confirmed that the two body parts were of the same victim. However, due to technical limitations at the time, the identity of the victim could not be determined, so the investigation has been stalled.

But it also relied on the detailed investigation of the scene at that time. In March this year, the Fuxin City Police restarted the investigation. With the support of science and technology, they determined that the victim in the corpse dismemberment case was the woman surnamed Fu who disappeared in 1996. At the same time, they also locked in 2 male suspects.

After identifying the victim, the local police immediately set up a task force and began investigating. Fu’s sister told the police that Fu had a boyfriend named Song, and the two had a close relationship. After investigation, the police also found that Song Nan was involved in serious suspicions, and also ruled out another suspect named Wang.

Later, on August 28, the police successfully arrested a man named Song. At first, Song was silent and passive, resisting interrogation. Finally, under the police’s interrogation offensive, Song Nan truthfully confessed his crime. Song Nan said that on the day of the incident, Fu Nu came to the restaurant he ran, and the two had a dispute over emotional reasons. In order to get rid of Fu Nu, Song Nan strangled Fu Nu to death during the fight, and then dismembered Fu Nu’s body. , throwing the body parts in many places. In the end, Song Nan was transferred to justice for murder.

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