The Kamila Valieva Doping Case: A Recap and Expectations for the Hearings

The Kamila Valieva Doping Case: A Recap and Expectations for the Hearings

Let’s remember.

Hearings in the case start today in Lausanne Kamily Valieva. While waiting for the resolution of the main doping scandal of recent years, let’s remember how it all began, why it took so long, and what to expect from the judges.

Alexander Mysyakin, Sport24

At the beginning of February 2022, Kamila Valieva helped the Russian team win Olympic gold in Beijing, and then learned that her test at the Chechen Republic in St. Petersburg gave a positive result for trimetazidine. RUSADA temporarily suspended Valieva, but the athlete’s side was able to prove that the intake of a prohibited substance was not intentional. This did not suit international organizations, which began to insist on disqualification.

The CAS visiting panel nevertheless admitted Kamila to the personal tournament, and if Valieva had gotten into the top 3, there would have been no award ceremony. Kamila did not get into the medals, so the only Beijing set that has not been distributed to date is the team leader.

RUSADA took over the case, the process was actively commented on from the outside: the Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation Oleg Matytsin was confident in the professional qualities of the agency’s representatives, the German journalist Hayo Seppelt accused RUSADA in advance of lack of impartiality, and the team member Vincent Zhou I sincerely believed that the gold should go to the States. The international federations immediately made it clear: if they are not satisfied with the reasoning part, the decision will be challenged.

Alexander Mysyakin, Sport24

The timing of the announcement of the verdict was constantly shifted. At the beginning of autumn last year, the agency’s general director Veronica Loginova announced that the investigation had been completed and that the Disciplinary Anti-Doping Committee (DAC) hearing would be held “in late September/early October.” However, we never found out their results, because right before the start of the Grand Prix, where Kamila was supposed to take part, RUSADA released an official statement.

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— In order to protect the interests of the ROC team skater who is a protected person, RUSADA declares that, in accordance with paragraph 4.1 of the International Results Management Standard, all processes and procedures associated with results management, including charges and final disposition, are confidential.

Strictly observing the principles of international and Russian anti-doping standards, and taking into account the nature and circumstances of the case, RUSADA does not intend to announce the date of the hearing, decision or other details in the case of the skater member of the ROC team.

Thus, Camila’s participation in the first stage of last year’s Grand Prix branched the status of the case into three paths:

Valieva was completely acquitted, or RUSADA limited herself to a reprimand. Valieva received a punishment, the period of which has already expired. The decision has not yet been made. In this case, Kamila has the right to continue performing, since there is no temporary suspension. Evgeniy Semenov, Sport24

Speaking at Megasport, Kamila flatly refused to give any comments about the case. And international federations, one after another, began to call on the Russian Agency to make the verdict public. RUSADA did not respond properly to all these calls, so WADA referred the matter to CAS. And only then DAC shared the results of its investigation, here are its main points:

On December 25, 2021, Kamila tested positive. On this day, the skaters skated a free program at the Russian Championship, Valieva’s result was annulled; At the same time, RUSADA did not find the athlete guilty of violating anti-doping rules.

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Foreign federations did not agree with the withdrawal of DAK, and later RUSADA joined them. To date, the positions of the parties are as follows:

WADA demands a four-year disqualification and cancellation of all results from December 25, 2021. ISU also seeks disqualification of the skater, but for a period to be determined by CAS, as well as cancellation of her results from December 25, 2021. In addition, the court must have a decision on Beijing. RUSADA wants Valieva to be found guilty and given “appropriate consequences, which may include or be limited to a warning.”

CAS consolidated the three appeals into one to be heard together.

Valieva insists that her violation of anti-doping rules has not been proven, so the 2022 CR gold should be returned. There is a second option: Camila believes that she is not guilty or was not negligent, or violated the rules unintentionally. Valieva agrees to a ban of no more than two years with all results retained.

Alexander Mysyakin, Sport24

At the hearing in Beijing, the figure skater’s side gave a version that the prohibited drug ended up in her body after Valieva shared the same utensils with her grandfather, who was taking medication. Whether this line will continue to bend, we’ll see. But the ex-doctor of the national team and group Eteri Tutberidze Philip Shvetsky in the summer he gave an insider that the story with his grandfather was the first thing that came to mind when it was necessary to provide the fact of the presence of doping in Valieva’s body. This could make things much more difficult for Camila’s side.

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Valieva’s fate will be decided by:

American Jeffrey Mishkin (nominated by the ISU and WADA) – was a legal adviser in the NBA for many years, but worked, for example, in the NFL and NHL; Frenchman Mathieu Maisonneuve – professor of public law studies human rights in the Olympic movement, he was chosen by Valieva’s side;representative of the UK and Australia James Drake (will be the main one on the panel of arbitrators) – he worked, for example, on the case of American sprinter Christian Coleman, who missed three doping tests, and high jumper Maria Lasitskene, when she filed a claim against the athletics federation (World Athletics), demanding neutral status for athletes.

A decision could be made closer to the end of the year, although no one would be surprised by another delay. And do not forget that whatever the verdict, the dissatisfied party will certainly try to challenge it in the Federal Court of Switzerland. The chances of success are low, but someone will definitely try.

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