21 cases and no deaths from covid

Public Health has notified 21 new infections of covid-19 detected on Sunday in Aragon, 83 less than Saturday and 29 less than a week ago, and no deceased.

According to provisional data published this Monday on the Transparency Portal by the Government of Aragon, 15 of the new cases have been reported in the province of Zaragoza, 4 in Huesca and 2 in Teruel.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 126,130 people have contracted the coronavirus in Aragon and 119,118 have recovered, of which 50 were discharged this Sunday. The number of people killed by covid-19 amounts to 3,518, three more than those that appeared a day before on the portal, none in the previous 24 hours.

By health zones, Utebo leads the number of infections with 4, followed by Holy Grail in Huesca with 2.

The fatality rate stands at 2.8% and the mortality rate at 26.5 per 10,000 inhabitants.

The incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants at 7 days is 64.9% in Aragon and it is Caspe, with 179.5, the population over 10,000 inhabitants with the highest rate, while in Tarazona it is already 0.

At 14 days Aragon registers an incidence rate of 134.1 cases and Utebo remains in the lead among large municipalities with 244.4 cases.

By provincial capitals, Zaragoza presents the lowest incidence rate at one week and at 14 days with 73 and 150 cases, per 100,000, respectively.



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