No reimbursement obligation for state-granted Crown Emergency Aid ?!

1.) Facts and legal qualification Numerous recipients of state subsidies and aid are still being called upon by relevant institutions to reimburse services received due to krone-related sales and profit losses in their respective federal areas. In the individual federal Länder, several positive judgments at first instance have already been won against the reimbursement requests […]

Washington Commanders vs Dallas Cowboys NFL LIVE: Week 4

Dallas Cowboy receives the Washington commanders in another edition of the NFL Classic in week 4 of the 2022 NFL season. The Commanders They will try to leave behind the two defeats they have had in the season and reach an average of 0.500. While the CowboySin Dak Prescottthey will want to show what they […]

The hurricane damages the snowballs … Rescue and recovery difficulties

At least 85 more deaths expectedExpected to claim up to 47 billion won in insurance premiums <a rel="nofollow" href="" title="2일(현지시간) 초강력 허리케인 ‘이언’이 훑고 지나간 미국 플로리다주 스프링힐에서 응급요원들이 무너진 다리를 살펴보고 있다. 한때 다리로 이어져 있던 파인섬은 심각하게 손상돼 배나 비행기로만 갈 수 있는 상태다.Florida AP “style =” padding: 0px; margin: 0px “> – […]

Rehab Gomaa launches an attack on the Handball Federation

Rehab Gomaa, a player of the French handball team Palente Besançon, launched an attack after being excluded from the list of the Egyptian women’s team participating in the African Women’s Handball Championship, which will be held in Senegal on 9 November. And Rehab Gomaa wrote through his personal account on the social network site “Facebook”: […]

Which blood group has the highest risk of stroke?

– – Stroke is a fear of the elderly as it can cause a sudden blockage or burst of a blood vessel in the brain, causing paralysis of the body and body. This is because it can cause you to live with a permanent disability for the rest of your life. The risk of stroke […]