Jim Ryan appears to be talking about the possible EU rejection of the Xbox / Activision deal

It seems that the approval is to be approved the purchase of Activision / Blizzard on the part of Xbox has signs of transition from a summer soap opera to a full Netflix series with several seasons.

And it is that the Redmond company continues to encounter difficulties in obtaining the OK from the European Commission, a commission visited by the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryanto express concern about the agreement.

Jim Ryan goes to Brussels to try to get them to give up on Xbox’s purchase of Activision

Jim Ryan’s trip to the headquarters of the European Union took place on 8 September, where the CEO wanted to express his concern for one of the most important operations in the videogame industry in recent years, worth 68, 7 billion euros.

Apparently the interest of Ryan and the whole Playstation is that they do not lose the rights to publish Call of Duty on their consoles, this in the face of the statements of Phil Spencer in which he assured that they would launch the CoD franchise in the next three episodes, without ensure the following.

Jim Ryan apparently intends to be able to access best-selling franchises such as Call of Duty in perpetuity, as otherwise it would imply monopoly practices that would have “significant negative implications for gamers and the future of the gaming industry.”

Jim Ryan PlayStationJim Ryan PlayStation

At the moment, both the UK and the European Union continue to review the agreements, and we will see if the CMA gives the green light or the green light. At the moment it seems that the reservations are still there and from Sony they are delighted, while Xbox defends that the deal is legal and totally valid.

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The new key date will be November 8, when the purchase will be definitively approved or a second phase of more in-depth investigation will begin. You’ll have to wait.


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