Rehab Gomaa launches an attack on the Handball Federation

Rehab Gomaa, a player of the French handball team Palente Besançon, launched an attack after being excluded from the list of the Egyptian women’s team participating in the African Women’s Handball Championship, which will be held in Senegal on 9 November.

And Rehab Gomaa wrote through his personal account on the social network site “Facebook”: “The Handball Federation is destroying my dream and deprives me of the honor of representing the Egyptian national team”.

And he added: “The Handball Federation has decided, without any preconditions, to exclude professionals from participating in the African Women’s Handball Championship (first team), which will be held in Senegal on November 9”.

And he continued: “10 years of fights, patience and squabbles abroad between Denmark, France and Algeria. We appeal to the Handball Federation to form a first women’s team, and as soon as the team formation is announced, the professionals are excluded. . Why? And for whom? “

And he continued: “In 10 years I have accumulated experience in all European stadiums, scored hundreds of goals and worked exceptional seasons in stadiums in France, Denmark and Algeria.

He continued: “Since the announcement of the formation of a women’s team, I have waited weeks for any official of the Handball Federation to contact us and I have sold to the technical director, captain Rami Abdel Latif – my former coach at Al-Ahly and knows the my level – a thousand congratulations and I wished him success, he saw my message and ignored the answer. He might as well be busy, so I sent him a message asking him about the position of the professionals, because the championship in France will stop him during the Championship of African Nations as well as European Nations, so I have no commitment with my team and I am ready to receive the honor of representing the Egyptian national team.

And he continued: “I sent a message to captain Ayman Salah, the national team coach, and called him several times, and yet he ignored all the calls and messages he sent him. There is a match to see mine. level? There is not an official in the handball federation or a coach who has asked me what roles you are good at on the pitch, and I know many details and he is silent and I do not want to reveal them. “

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He explained: “10 years in which I have suffered from alienation, refraction, patience and slander. He appealed dozens of times to the need to form a first women’s team and, after his training, they said:” We don’t want professional women. “

She stressed: “I have been crying alone for days. Do you know why? Because I have professionals from Morocco, Congo and Senegal who have been called up by the federations of their countries. You know the oppression, the sadness and the pain inside me, years of patience, forgiveness, pain, pain, fracture and success until I gained experience and be a distinguished player capable of having the honor of representing the Egyptian national team, my journey was difficult, and I was very, very tired until I reached professionalism in Europe. ” Z

She added: “Break my dream and the dream of every girl who started her life from scratch until she honored her country and plays on behalf of the Egyptian national team. An Egyptian girl from Upper Egypt who started the his life from youth centers until he reached the world is excluded from the handball federation for unknown reasons. “

And he concluded: “We have a good one, God, guys, but the problem is with us, by God, whatever you do, I never hate my country. I love the soil of my country. God is enough and yes, the agent in every person, officer or coach he shattered my dream. Our Lord is greater than all and the great Egyptian public remains the link. ” He is the first fan. They denied me the honor of wearing the national Egyptian shirt, they prevented me from trying to make the Egyptians happy, who would enjoy every moment of joy in their sons and daughters.

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