Kherson news – detachments of “titushki” appeared in the city — UNIAN

They cover their faces with masks. photo Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security. The Russian occupation administration created detachments of “titushki” to repaint Ukrainian symbols on the territory Kherson region. This is reported by the website created by the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine. “Resistance”. According to them, the invaders equated any Ukrainian symbols […]

Euro bikers are fit for their own Tour de France

For the final training, after a total of 770 kilometers of training spread over nine dates, all tour participants met in Oerlenbach for the last preparatory tour. It should be cycled to Bamberg and back again to see if you are well prepared for the stage length of around 150 kilometers each. The group will […]

Northern Ireland former politician and Nobel laureate David Trimble (77) passed away

– Reuters – NOS News•yesterday, 22:24•Amended yesterday, 22:56 — Former Northern Ireland politician David Trimble has died aged 77. Trimble won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1998, along with John Hume, for his role in ending the civil war in Northern Ireland. – “It is with great sadness that the family of Lord Trimble announce […]

Suzanne (28) is now vaccinated against corona and against monkey pox

Photo: Lopolo / – As of today, Dutch people who have been invited can receive a vaccination against monkey pox. 28-year-old Suzanne Peffe was in the front. “As a child I was fascinated by vaccinations,” she says. “I had already been vaccinated against diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, polio, hib, mumps, measles, rubella, papilloma, meningococcus […]

Here, Here’s How to Move WhatsApp Chats from iPhone to Android – Transferring your complete chat history from iPhone to Android, or vice versa is probably one of the most requested capabilities of WhatsApp. And yes, this new WhatsApp feature is now officially available. Besides chat or casual conversations, your account information, profile photos, one-on-one chats and group chats, chat history, media and settings can […]

Electricity price 2024: Households are in for further price increases

Waiting for a miracle, that’s how the current situation on the energy market could be described. For households, the increase in prices does not end. There is a solution. The price of electricity on the exchange does not correspond to the current prices for suppliers. With them, you can get 1 MWh of power electricity […]

Mother of Former NY Candidate Beaten to Death in Brooklyn – NBC New York

NEW YORK – The mother of a former Brooklyn borough president candidate was beaten to death and now police are looking for those responsible. First responders were dispatched for a possible assault inside a residence on East 45th Street near Linden Boulevard in the Flatbush section on Saturday night. Police found Elenora Bernard with bruises […]

Unpackaged retailer in Hamburg insolvent: employees fear for jobs

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Kurdistan: A rocket attack, nine dead vacationers and the question of what Berlin must do now

– – A rocket attack in Iraq’s northern province of Dohuk killed nine people Which: REUTERS – – ualltte ent Nlultlpleu plup uutthuOOeu lueheeolepet“, elhtolle elu Poleekel uuu PnQeuOlulplellu Puueteue Peelpueh nup tulpelle Pnthtolnua. Benlpekteup velpe peu lleh, elupektleQtlek pel Bealuu Gnlplpleu-lleh, lu Plekelkellppeteuaeu nup pel pel Plepltlplelnua vellel nulelpleeu, kleQ ep. Buek ple Ueae […]