The federal government is investing billions in research into climate-friendly technology

The federal government invested around 1.31 billion euros in research into climate-friendly technologies last year. The number comes from the federal report on energy research, which is to be adopted by the cabinet this Wednesday and from which the “Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland” quotes. In total, the federal government funded almost 7,000 research, development and demonstration projects […]

Wall Street closes with a slight loss

The price of a barrel of US WTI oil is up 1.5 percent today to $122.72 after the price has fallen in recent days. And that’s good for oil stocks on Wall Street. Marathon Petroleum climbs 2.7 percent, Marathon Oil bounces 2.3 percent, Occidental Petroleum wins 2.5 percent and Schlumberger rises 1.5 percent. Oil prices […]

Called Not Hearing US Warning, Zelensky Spokesperson Outraged

loading… Presidential spokesman Volodymyr Zelensky criticized President Joe Biden’s remarks that Ukraine had not heeded US warnings over the Russian invasion. Photo/Reuters KIEV – President United States of America (AS) Joe Biden make high office emotions Ukraine through his statement at a Democratic Party fundraiser in Los Angeles, California, last Friday. At the time Biden […]

Sergei Loznitsa: ‘I have no sympathy for those who are going to kill’

This year, the latest film “The Natural History of Destruction” by director Sergei Loznitsa was screened at the Cannes Film Festival. It is a documentary made entirely from archive materials, inspired by the book of the same name by the German writer VG Zebald. One of its essays tells of the planned mass bombing of […]

Complain constructively – preferably directly to the staff – Kkuriren

Response to the submitter “Dissatisfied customer” in Katrineholmskuriren on 7 June. I can understand the disappointment of the misunderstanding with the lasagna. Anyone who has decided not to eat meat does not want to be served meat. But if you have a strict diet, you must ask before ordering. It was good that it was […]