Called Not Hearing US Warning, Zelensky Spokesperson Outraged


Presidential spokesman Volodymyr Zelensky criticized President Joe Biden’s remarks that Ukraine had not heeded US warnings over the Russian invasion. Photo/Reuters

KIEV – President United States of America (AS) Joe Biden make high office emotions Ukraine through his statement at a Democratic Party fundraiser in Los Angeles, California, last Friday. At the time Biden said Ukraine allegedly decided not to listen to US warnings before the start of the invasion Russia .

Spokesperson for the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky Sergei Nikiforov, criticized Biden for remarks by Ukrainian officials “not wanting to hear” of US intelligence warning of the start of the Russian invasion.

According to Ukrainian media reports on Saturday, Zelensky had more faith in his own intelligence.

“Therefore, the phrase ‘don’t want to listen’ may need clarification,” Nikiforov said, referring to Biden’s comments.

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“In addition, if you recall, the Ukrainian president asked partners to introduce a package of preventive sanctions to encourage Russia to withdraw its troops and defuse the situation,” he added.

“In this case we can already say that our partners ‘don’t want to hear us,'” he said SputnikWednesday (15/6/2022).

Nikiforov recalls that during the time before February 24, Zelensky had “three or four” telephone conversations with Biden, during which the presidents exchanged thoughts and a detailed assessment of the situation.

On Friday, Biden expressed the thought that his Ukrainian counterpart, like many others, may have ignored warnings from the US about Russia’s imminent launch of special military operations.

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