“Isola dei Famosi”, the story of the sixteenth episode in real time

“An episode that promises sparks” says Ilary Blasi after the video with the previews.In connection with the Palapa Alvin informs that Blind is back in the game, but Guendalina will be absent for a few days for some checks. The televoting and … Marialaura Ilary closes the televoting, which will send one between Edoardo Tavassi, […]

Ichthyosaur fossil recovered in Chilean Patagonia – 05/13/2022 – Science

Chilean scientists have successfully recovered one of the fossils of ictiossauro most complete in the world, with intact embryos, on the Tyndall glacier, in the Chilean Patagonia region. O ancient marine reptile preserved and pregnant was nicknamed “Fiona” by scientists. The 4-meter-long fossil will help the team study the embryonic development of ichthyosaurs, which roamed […]

Netflix and Amazon algorithms can improve satellites

Algorithms today dominate the digital ecosystem, since their “guidance” allows users to be given personalized recommendations, based on their search results, or on their data. But not only these algorithms that help us decide on a movie Netflix o Amazon has that function, since they could also contribute to the improvement of satellites. The findings […]

First Traitor Must Clear: ‘Finally’

In ‘The Traitors’ the Faithful no longer know where to look. So far, they’ve only sent their peers out of the game. It’s about time a Traitor got out. Note: This article contains spoilers about The Traitors episode 7. – The morning starts immediately messy. Everyone enters the breakfast room. And that means no one […]