when are we going to see him again at the Barclays Center?

Yesterday New York Mayor Eric Adams lifted several health restrictions and it was thought that Kyrie Irving could finally play from home. The vaccination obligation for employees of private sector companies has not been lifted, however, so Kyrie Irving’s ineligibility for home games is still relevant. We really live in a weird time. With the […]

our file on this museum

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, nicknamed the Met, is the most important art museum in the United States and one of the largest in the world by area with its annex The Cloisters. Initiated by artists and businessmen, it will be opened in 1882 and directed by a railway company boss John […]

Venus shows its hot, cloudy side

The single-camera instrument, known as the Wide-Field Imager for Parker Solar Probe, or WIPR, is not designed to look directly at the sun, which is very bright, especially at close range. In contrast, WIPR is symmetrical to the side, where charged particles known as the solar wind burst from the sun at a speed of […]

John encounters largest ruin ever in HMMIK: ‘Really retarded!’

You would think that John Williams (52) would be used to his program ‘Help, My Husband is a handyman!’, but you have never seen him as surprised as he is in tonight’s episode. He and his DIY team have been called in by Patricia, who has been living in a dangerous, moldy construction site for […]

Hopelessly sold out. Samsung’s best mobile phone is just dusty

Domestic stores report hopelessly sold out after Friday’s start of sales. At the same time, most phones were obviously disassembled as part of pre-orders, as some colors and capacities of the Galaxy S22 Ultra were unavailable at the start of sales. Currently, the sellers do not even indicate when the situation could change – so […]

Facebook and Instagram to restrict access to Russian state media in EU

Parent company Meta of Facebook and Instagram will make access to the Russian state media RT and Sputnik more difficult in the European Union. Former British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, now top executive at Meta, made this known on Twitter. The decision follows increasing pressure from the EU to do more against disinformation about […]

The West fired its last bullet

The West has fired its last bullet at the Russian Federation by blocking Central Bank assets so it is no longer a useful move. The West will now be much more inclined to sit at the negotiating table than a few days ago. This is what Assoc. Prof. Grigor Sariyski commented on the air of […]

Thousands protest Russia’s attack on Ukraine

The suffering of the people in Ukraine moves many citizens in Germany as well. Thousands take to the streets to protest Russia’s attack. Their message: stop the war. Berlin (dpa) – Thousands of people protested in several German cities on Saturday against the Russian attack on Ukraine. According to the police, there were 5,000 people […]