Cuban actor Erdwin Fernández arrives in Miami

The renowned Cuban actor Erdwin Fernández is in Miami, as announced on his social networks. Fernández shared a publication in which he is shown with his wife Adriana outside the Ermita de la Caridad del Cobre in Miami, in front of a poster where the Cuban and American flags can be seen. also read “God: […]

How the Australian Open became the most popular tournament on the tour

1/8 The Australian Open is one of the most popular tennis tournaments. 2/8 Roger Federer once gave the tournament the nickname “Happy Slam”. 7/8 The games can also be followed outside the arenas. 8/8 In 2020 the attendance record was broken. Over 812,000 spectators were there. It feels like the Australian Open has already started […]

How to treat frozen finger(s)?

At first, you felt pain at the base of your fingers. You then noticed that they retracted little by little to finally stay in a flexion position. The pain may eventually go away, but your fingers remain in this position, bending inward. We find this case especially in people with diabetes and people over 40 […]

11,049 newly infected with COVID-19, 24.08% of those tested, 132 died

11,049 are the newly diagnosed persons with COVID-19 in our country for the past 24 hours. This is 8,202 cases more than yesterday, according to the Unified Information Portal. A total of 45,885 tests were performed during the last 24 hours. This means that 24.08 percent of new cases are tested. 132 people died during […]

Recruitment. Among executives, why seniors are neglected

While the hiring intentions for 2022 leave again at pre-crisis levels, executives over 55 stay on the side of the road. Worse. “9% of executives in over 55 live in the RSA”, warns Gilles Gateau, CEO of the Association for the employment of executives. Apec conducted an online survey with Pôle Emploi among senior executives […]

Casual New York outing for Barack Obama

The former US president was spotted Monday in New York, when his successor sharply criticized him at the White House. Cup in hand, sunglasses on the nose and a relaxed greeting to the photographers. On Monday, Barack Obama was seen in New York, entering the Locanda Verde restaurant. According to images published by the “Daily […]

Johnson again cornered by lockdown party: fourth birthday with 30 men

In the week in which more will become clear about ‘party gate’, British media are again writing about a party by Prime Minister Johnson. During the first lockdown in the United Kingdom, he is said to have celebrated his birthday on Downing Street with thirty employees. According to ITV News, a birthday cake and ‘picnic […]

Here’s how NASA improved its dangerous asteroid-fighting software

NewsBulukumba – The space visitors are rock some of whom are nomads antarbintang will meet trick NASA the latest. Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) NASA just upgraded software which to judge asteroid potential dangerous. Scientists will use it to calculate the effect sunlight in orbit. Also Read: Physics can’t explain it! These particles travel through the […]

Anthony Martial is leaving Manchester United. “Done deal”

After several weeks of talks, Manchester United and Sevilla came to an agreement on the terms of the loan, Fabrizio Romano and ESPN are reporting. The French was not satisfied with his role at Old Trafford, so he decided to announce it publicly through his agent. Since then, discussions with potential candidates for contracting a […]

Uslu will talk to John De Mol about abuses on Wednesday gossip

The online program Boos came on Thursday with an episode about possible sexually transgressive behavior The Voice of Holland. Band leader Jeroen Rietbergen resigned after he admitted to having had relationships of a “sexual nature” with women involved in the program. De Mol said about the revelations that he hopes they “set an example” and […]