2022 Year Name – These could be the names of the year

For the 21st consecutive year, Dagbladet awards the Name of the Year award.

Also this year we invite readers to participate in the vote for who deserves the award. You’ll find the vote box just below the cashier, and you can vote until December 18th by clicking on the box.

– This year’s name goes to someone who has particularly distinguished themselves over the past year, who has really made their mark on the public in a positive and inspiring way. The award has become a tradition at Dagbladet and we are proud to be able to award the boy from Dagbla’ for the 21st time, says editor-in-chief Alexandra Beverfjord.

These are the candidates

Erling Braut Haaland he’s the man everyone’s talking about in the biggest sport in the world. He can’t stop scoring goals and is now navigating as the best and most valuable footballer in the world.

Another who has made a name for himself in the football world is Lisa Claveness. The football president traveled to Qatar and spoke to the pamps opposite. Klaveness has become an international symbol of resistance and LGBTQ+ rights.

Someone who has characterized Norwegian cultural life for several years is Shabana Rehmann. She now has cancer, which she was told about when the disease struck shortly after participating in “Farmen kendis”. After sharing her innermost thoughts about her illness this year, she has garnered gratitude from across the country.

Jens Stoltenberg he stood firm on NATO’s line in Ukraine and was forceful in the face of Putin’s Russia. The world’s most powerful Norwegian was supposed to take over as head of the Norwegian bank, but he has instead agreed to continue the work of joining forces in Europe’s most gravely threatened situation since World War II.

The social debater and the author Have fun Jirde Ali from Bodø stood out as one of the most important young people in the public eye. She has faced many racist storms, most recently last fall, when she courageously opened up about the unpleasant and controversial incident she experienced when she was scolded by Atle Antonsen in an Oslo bar.

Lawyer Arvid Sjodin of Stavanger has for many years sought justice in two of the biggest criminal cases of our time. With good assistants and other forces, he succeeded in both parts in a few weeks. Viggo Kristiansen was jailed for 21 years before being released, while Birgitte Tengs’ cousin finally got his compensation sentence lifted.

The heroes of the June 25 shooting: Two people were killed and at least 20 injured when Zaniar Matapour shot at revelers in Per på Hjørnet and London Pub on 25 June during Pride week. 88 seconds after the first shots, civilians intervene and stop the culprit. According to the police, a total of 12 civilians intervened against Matapour, who is now accused of terrorism.

2022 was the year then Teresa Johaug she finally became Olympic queen, and capped off her comeback after her disqualification with a fantastic fashion show in Beijing. Since then, she has published a book that has helped further raise the international discussion about exercise, nutrition and health.

Carp with their ten extraordinary Spektrum concerts, they broke the boundaries of what was thought to be both commercially and artistically possible. With “Omar Sheriff” they delivered the most important Norwegian record of the year, an expanding musical, linguistic and cultural universe. They are perhaps Norway’s most important artists.

The controversial NRK presenter Fredrik Solvang he has given a face to social debate and never gives up on political lyricists. He offers and creates important and good discussions that also go deep into himself. He is brave and has fought back tears on live television in the poverty debate. He was publicly shamed in the aftermath of the London pub shooting, because he wanted to follow the Pride train from the sidelines.

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