The 37th America’s Cup launched

In collaboration with its benchmark challenger, Ineos Britannia, Emirates Team New Zealand unveiled the regulatory deal for the 37th edition of the America’s Cup, organized in 2024, with updated boats and the desire to reduce costs. Three years before the event, the candidates for the 37th edition of the America’s Cup are set. Holding the […]

Again Clashes with Azerbaijan, Armenia Lost 2 Combat Positions

loading… YEREVAN – A number of soldiers Armenia killed and captured in the fighting that raged on the border with Azerbaijan . Armenia said some of its soldiers were killed and two combat positions were missing, while Azerbaijan said two of its soldiers were injured. However the fighting did not continue as both sides reportedly […]

North Maluku Becomes One of the Provinces with the Highest Diabetes in Indonesia, Jakarta – Deputy Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) RI Dante Saksono Harbuwono revealed that North Maluku is one of the provinces that has the highest diabetes patients in Indonesia. He also reminded that diabetes is not a disease that only occurs in urban communities. “Studies show that in some places, for example our study, in […]

Osimhen what a player! Did a child find the codes on FIFA?

Victor Osimhen is back in great shape, as evidenced by two goals in Nigeria’s two games in World Cup qualifiers. Impressed by the talents of the Napoli striker, he is the journalist of BBC John Bennett, who writes on Twitter: “Victor Osimhen plays as if he is being controlled by a child in FIFA who […]

Arupos forest needs the care of the people of Quito

“It is sad to see how the Arupos forest it is becoming a garbage dump, it looks abandoned and some plants are wilting. ” This is the discomfort of Rosa Tipán, resident of the sector of The Clover. Milton Terán who daily travels through the place to market cell phone accessories is concerned about the […]

Microsoft: Defender adds AI protection against ransomware

The tech giant Microsoft you are adding a detection system ransomware attacks powered by artificial intelligence for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint users. This new implementation complements protection in existing cloud systems by assessing risks and blocking potential threats at the edge. Since the attacks of rasonmware possess a human factor composed of a specific set […]

Colau refuses to dedicate a sculpture to Don Quixote in Barcelona

If Cervantes treated with special affection any city of the Spanish geography that was undoubtedly Barcelona. Her most famous character, Don Quixote, visited her in the second part of her adventures. And he was full of praise. Courtesy archive, shelter for foreigners, hospital for the poor or revenge for the offended were some of the […]