Auction: These are the plans for the Menden cinema

Menden. The Palast Theater has been closed for a good two years. Now the cinema has been foreclosed. That’s what the new owner says. – Ebt Tdijdltbm eft = tuspoh? Nfoefo = 0tuspoh? Fs = tuspoh? Ljop = 0tuspoh? T jtu hflmåsu / Obdi efs hvu {xfj Kbisf boebvfsoefo Tdimjfàvoh jtu ebt Hfcåvef bo efs […]

Ephemeral terraces to perpetuate or to forget? tell us

They had given Paris an air of Rome or Barcelona. The ephemeral terraces are living their last hours in the capital. Authorized, free of charge, to compensate for losses due to the Covid-19 crisis, these installations which have entered the urban landscape will have to be dismantled as of November 1. Pleasure of customers against […]

Diego López and the elixir of youth

The football fan has lost count of how many youths there are. Before, in their mid-thirties, it was said that a footballer at an optimal competitive level was in his second youth. Now, the tendency to prolong the career due to factors such as training, diet, science or professionalism, causes even a third to be […]

Wild chase ends in Maarssen, man (29) arrested

According to the police, the man exhibited very dangerous driving behavior during the chase and seriously endangered road safety. He reached speeds of 190 kilometers per hour, police said. He also allegedly drove on the wrong side of the road. Reason unclear Eleven police cars and a helicopter were used to apprehend the man. The […]

Mysterious Signal Allegedly Found on Earth’s Nearest Exoplanet, Alien Sign?, Jakarta – Alien hunters have uncovered a mysterious signal thought to have come from Earth’s closest exoplanet, Proxima Centauri. Earlier, in 2020, astronomers and observers of extraterrestrial phenomena at Breakthrough Listen reported an interesting signal was picked up when they pointed the Parkes telescope at Proxima Centauri, the closest exoplanet to Earth. The Parkes […]

The Hyenas, Paola Egonu immense against labels and prejudices

On the volleyball court Paola Egonu is extraordinary, but also as a presenter she did not disappoint at all. At the helm of Hyenas for one evening, taking her place alongside Nicola Savino, previously occupied by Elodie, Rocio Munoz Morales and Elisabetta Canalis, she made her debut on TV. ‘Le Iene’: Paola Egonu makes her […]