Yana Koshkina emphasized her outstanding bust with corduroy bando

Yulia Filatova The girl already has an immodest breast size, but in such an outfit, the charms began to seem even more. Yana Koshkina. Photo: instagram.com/yana_koshkina_official/ Actress and TV presenter Yana Koshkina with the appearance of the first snow in Moscow, she hastened to fly to the hot paradise resort. Together with father she chose […]

Mammoths and large animals from the Ice Age lived longer than previously thought.

Mammoths and other large Ice Age animals like the woolly rhinoceros survived longer than scientists thought, coexisting for tens of thousands of years with humans before disappearing forever. This conclusion was possible after the results of an ambitious research project, which for ten years analyzed the DNA of hundreds of soil samples found throughout the […]

Jambon dreams of Flemish pavilion at Expo Dubai

Flemish Prime Minister Jan Jambon paid a visit to the Belgian pavilion at the start of the Flemish week at the Expo in Dubai on Sunday. Nevertheless, Jambon hopes one day to have its own Flemish pavilion at an Expo. The Belgian pavilion is a special piece of architecture, which the weekly magazine Time Out […]

Record – 79,312 Bulgarians currently infected with covid, 6,912 in hospital

1370 are new cases, 87.01% are not vaccinated. 40 died 1370 are confirmed new cases of coronavirus patients in the last 24 hours – 13% of those tested. 87,01% of them have not been vaccinated, the Unified Information Portal reports. They are with 1984 less than yesterday. For the last day the dead are 40 […]

“Attract young activists to the fighting cause”

Since September 2019, Air Corps General Hervé Longuet has chaired the National Union of Combatants. The former boss of BA 133 Nancy-Ochey, then of the Combat Air Force in Metz, between 2000 and 2003, now retired, was the guest of the Moselle congress of the UNC which was held this Sunday October 24 in Thionville. […]

Titans – Chiefs (27-3): Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City humiliated

By Raphaël Masmejean – October 24, 2021 at 10:01 p.m. Alarm bells for the Chiefs, nothing is going well. Tennessee Titans (5-2) – Kansas City Chiefs (3-4) : 27-3 There was no match this Sunday in a match between two of the favorites for the pre-season AFC. If Tennessee has been getting closer and closer […]

Colombia registers 1,369 new cases of covid-19 this October 24

A man receives a vaccine against covid-19 in Bogotá (Colombia). Stock Photography. EFE / Carlos Ortega The Ministry of Health and Social Protection reported this Sunday, October 24, 1,369 new cases of covid-19 in Colombia. In the last 24 hours, 30,711 tests of which 19.520 son PCR and 11,191 of antigens. The report also notes […]