Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz goes through a health crisis and is transferred to the hospital (photos

10:59 PM Sunday 31 January 2021 – Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajami Producer Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz revealed that his brother, artist Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, had gone through a health crisis and subsequently entered a hospital. The son of the late Mahmoud Abdel Aziz published a picture of his brother lying on the bed … Read more

Silent for 4 consecutive games, Son Heung-min, the gap between Salah and 3 goals

[스포츠조선 김 용 기자] The missing score of Son Heung-min, Mohamed Salah flees. Tottenham Son Heung-min was silent again. Meanwhile, Sala, a scoring title contender, fled. Tottenham was overwhelmed by an opponent in the relegation zone in an away match against Brighton in the 2020-2021 season against Brighton at Amex Stadium in Brighton on the … Read more

what happens in February

If you made the financial effort to buy a PlayStation 5 and you got where, Sony comes with very good news. It is clear that he is trying to redeem his mistakes related to the availability of the console. If you subscribe to PlayStation Plus, Sony’s online service that facilitates online gaming on company consoles, … Read more

End of service on the last day of ‘Tokyu’. Executives – Employees Take a commemorative photo

– End of service on the last day of ‘Tokyu’. Executives – Employees Take a commemorative photo On January 31, 2021 At the Facebook page, Bangkok Tokyu Department Store Of Tokyu Department Store Japanese department store Inside the MBK Center, a photo was posted. Executives – Employees In front of the mall as a souvenir … Read more

The 8th edition of “My blood for others” is counting on you

In France, 10,000 doses are needed every day to treat a million patients. For this, it is essential to maintain the regularity of stocks. But with the health crisis, the traditional collection points (companies, administrations, high schools, universities) had to close their doors. Like the universities, which regularly host the collection campaigns of the French … Read more

Martín Zenaido almost steps on jail; survived the earthquake, but not a scam

– Martín Zenaido Méndez was buried under the rubble for 17 hours in 2017. He relied, out of necessity, in Zita Monserrat Medina, who assured him that she was a support employee of Mayor Clara Brugada / Photos: Especial and Quetzalli González – – MEXICO CITY. The first time that Martín Zenaido Méndez was a … Read more

Delivery of Clean fill dirt Entrega tierra limpia

QR Code Link to This Post – Clean fill dirt dirt W/Delivery}Each truck carries 10-12 tons/yards per loadPRICES ARE FOR FILL DIRT ONLY***$25/load -100 loads or more***$50/load – 10 loads or more(WE CAN ALSO PROVIDE OTHER TYPES OF DIRT)__________________________ {Clean land with Delivery} Each truck loads 10-12 yards / tonPRICES ARE ONLY FOR REGULAR FILLER … Read more

“Is it inspecting our event?”

“There are no civilian inspections in the Moon Jae-in government’s DNA.” Understanding trends and rallies of’Nuclear Power Export Behavior’Confirmation of files deleted by employees of the Ministry of IndustryControversy spread over whether the Moon government had a private inspectionMinistry of Industry “Report on trade trends, not inspectors” – On December 18, 2018, Kim Eui-gyeom, then … Read more