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10 Years of Combat Against Impunity: The Dire State of Journalism in Venezuela

Within the framework of the 10 years of combat against impunity for crimes against journalists imposed by the United Nations, we cannot stop turning towards countries locked in an authoritarian regime and this is the case of Venezuela.

Just 10 years coincide with madurismo and the figures are not encouraging at all, contrary to progress, There are setbacks and there are varieties of attacks and harassment against free communicatorsIn fact, these are like an endangered species because the regime wants them to be like-minded and many have had to exile themselves from their country due to their dignity.

To talk about this topic, Joel García, a Venezuelan lawyer specialized in criminal law and defender of several political prisoners in Venezuela, connected to NTN24’s La Tarde, who pointed out that Not only does journalism not enjoy freedom, but no Venezuelan is free.

“Venezuela is getting worse every day, although it is true that the persecution is more selective, It is no secret that journalists’ hands are tied, journalists are afraid to report“said the guest.

Free journalism does not exist in Venezuela, in fact, no Venezuelan is free, we all have conditional freedom“It’s just that someone very close to the government wants someone and that someone can go to prison,” said lawyer Joel García.

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