10% of the mental health fund’s resources dedicated to awareness campaigns under the Mental Patient Law

Posted by Noura Fakhry

Friday, March 24, 2023 07:00 AM

Law No. 71 of 2009 was devoted to issuing a law Psychiatric patient care10% of the resources of the Mental Health Fund to carry out awareness campaigns on mental health in the community.

The law specified the fund’s resources, indicating that the proceeds are spent for the following purposes:

– (40%) for independent evaluation procedures.

– (30%) for training.

– (10%) to carry out awareness campaigns about mental health in the community.

– (10%) to support patients’ rights committees.

– (5%) for attendance allowances for members of mental health councils.

– (5%) Incentives for mental health workers.

And the law established the Mental Health Fund at the Ministry of Health to be managed by a board of directors formed by a decision of the Minister concerned with health. The Council may seek the assistance of any experienced person it deems appropriate.

The Minister concerned with health issues a decision on the financial and administrative regulations for the Mental Health Fund.

The law defines “mental health” as a state of psychological and social stability through which the individual can achieve his accomplishments according to his personal capabilities in order to be able to deal with the normal stresses of life, and he can work, produce and contribute to the society in which he grows up, as defined by the mental patient. A person who suffers from a psychological (neurotic) or mental (psychotic) disorder.

The issuance articles specified the application of the provisions of the law to mental health facilities in hospitals specialized in psychiatry, whether public or private, psychiatric departments in public and private facilities, and medical centers licensed to work in the field of mental health.

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The provisions of this law do not apply to private (outpatient) clinics that are not attached to the aforementioned mental health facilities, and are not designated for the detention of mental patients.

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