Young Cuban dies while waiting for a delicate surgery in Mexico

A young Cuban residing in Chile died while waiting for surgery in Mexico, after becoming seriously ill during a visit to the Aztec country.

The young man was identified as Amado Yosniel Méndez Linfernal, 26 years old, who lost his life this Wednesday, March 22, in the city of Mexicali, in the State of Baja California.

According to the local media N+ News, The Cuban had been hospitalized since March 10 at the general hospital of said city, where he was put into a medical coma while he awaited a delicate surgical procedure.

Now, the young man’s family is raising funds to be able to repatriate his body back to the Island, with the aim of burying it in the land where he was born.

The aforementioned medium details that the young man had an aortic paraprosthesis, but it began to leak, which caused him discomfort at the beginning of March.

Because they did not have sufficient financial resources, the young man’s family requested help to pay for the operation that Méndez Lifernal needed, however, the GoFundMe campaign they opened failed to raise the necessary money on time.

The operation required by the Cuban was very complicated, so it was expected to cost around $30,000; however, the family was only able to raise about $3,500 before he lost his life.

Additionally, the local press indicated that this type of operation could not be done at the Mexicali General Hospital, since it did not have the required equipment, so the experts were looking for a medical facility that had everything they needed.

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The family explained on previous occasions that the young man required an aortic endoprosthesis after suffering a traffic accident while riding a motorcycle in Chile, and that he had been riding it for a year without any problems.

Friends and relatives of the young man have regretted what happened, going to social networks to show their pain.

“I really have no words, this is not easy, I still do not believe it, it is very hard. Really, thank you, thank you, thank you all for your support, EPD my little black, as we used to call you,” wrote the deceased’s aunt, who opened the initial GoFundMe campaign.

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