Zueca earns 200 vouchers from paintings

He is the best-selling author in an online gallery

In less than a year, it sells over 250 paintings, costing between BGN 800 and BGN 1,000.

Vasil Vassilev-Zueka has won at least BGN 200,000 from the paintings he paints and sells like hot cakes, Bulgaria Today has established.

The new venture, which the exporter started at the end of 2020, brings him thousands more than what he wins as a presenter with Magi Halvadjian. In less than a year since he devoted himself to painting, Zueka has become the best-selling artist in the largest online gallery in Bulgaria, “Kupi Izkustvo.bg”, reports from there. And the day before, to commemorate Zueca’s successful work, she released his new 18 works, some of which were immediately sold.

“Vasil is one of our most sought-after authors with more than 250 paintings sold since December 2020. He is a self-taught artist, but an iconic, public and screen person – an actor, presenter, and with a passion to paint from an early age,” say from the gallery.

The works of the screen partner of Rachkov and Gero are worth from BGN 800 to BGN 1,000, and his diptych reaches BGN 1,800.

Quick calculations show that in less than a year, if the 250 works sold to the former presenter are only at a price of BGN 800, he has accumulated at least BGN 200,000 profit, and if the sales of paintings are only BGN 900. , the profit jumps to BGN 225,000. With mixed sales, the net profit becomes even higher.

The actor-artist himself surprisingly admits that he manages to support himself only from his art, living in Spain with his family. Before making the difficult decision to emigrate from Bulgaria, Magi Halvadjian tried to keep him as a host and offered him to travel for live broadcasts, but Zueka flatly refused and withdrew from television. Far from the native reality and media noise, Zueka does not stop painting, sharing that he does it every day and at every moment when he is inspired. In May this year he made his first solo exhibition in Plovdiv, and in August he presented a second exhibition in Burgas.



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