Zoom offers to use applications during video calls

Competition is fierce in the world of videoconference. Zoom, which has developed since the start of the health crisis, continues to renew itself by offering new updates. The American company announced this week that third-party applications will be integrated during video calls, reports Lemon Juicer according to a note from the official blog of the company. Zoom Apps will thus allow you to stay in the same window.

The service combines your favorite apps with the power of video communications by allowing you to access them directly in your Zoom meetings. “You can enrich your Zoom experience with a variety of applications that cover many use cases – including whiteboard, project management, note taking, games, and more”, comments the company.

Fifty compatible applications

It is now possible to use fifty applications without having to close Zoom. They appear directly in the videoconferencing interface. There are Asana, Dropbox Spaces, and Pexels but also games like Heads Up, precise Lemon Juicer.

The focus is not just on productivity. As Zoom specifies in its press release relayed by Begeek, it is also about“Bring some touches of fun and well-being in your interactions with your colleagues, friends and family members”.

Another novelty was announced by Zoom this week. Called Zoom Events, this new tool will help those who want to organize virtual events (event management, creation of a “hub” or ticketing management).



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