ZMI is preparing to launch No.20 Powerbank Pro, battery capacity 25000mAh, charging up to 200W soon.

ZMI, another company in the Xiaomi ecosystem, has released a new Powerbank ZMI No.20, the successor to the No.10 model that was released in late 2016, with the previous model supporting a maximum 45W Power Output, but on the new model. Supports power output up to 200W

ZMI No.20 Powerbank Pro has 25000mAh battery capacity, can charge the iPhone SE 2020 from 0 – 100% up to 8 cycles or charge MacBook Pro 1.3 cycles, with LED screen on the side for displaying real power. Real time

ZMI No.20 Powerbank Pro comes with 2 USB-C ports (100W + 45W), capable of charging most of the laptops (Type-C compatible) in the market. And there is also a USB-A port supporting a maximum power output of 120W, allowing the power output of all 3 ports to reach 200W.

In addition, ZMI No. 20 Powerbank Pro also supports self-charging of the battery up to 65W, it takes only 2 hours to fully charge.

ZMI No.20 Powerbank Pro will be launched in China on January 6, 2021.

Origin – Gizmochina


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