WhatsApp New Feature, Leave Group Without Notification

TRIBUNNEWS.COMWhatsApp re-issued a new feature that can increase the privacy of its users.

There are several features prepared, including users can leave group chats secretly.

Even though it’s invisible, group admins can still see who left the group.

Reported wabetainfo.comWhatsApp is also developing features for anyone who can see you online on WhatsApp as well as blocking screenshots in single-view messages.

This feature has already been released to several beta testers on Android and iOS, and will be coming to more users this month.

Then, for features last seen and onlineis currently under development.

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The plan is to start launching this month.

This feature will add the option of not being able to see when users are online or not.

The next feature is blocking screenshots or screenshot.

It was developed by WhatsApp so that the privacy of its users when sharing videos or viewing it at a time can be further protected.

The development of this feature is none other than because many users complain that the recipient of the image or video sent in one view often takes screenshots.

This feature will be released later for all users WhatsApp.

(Tribunnews.com, Renald)

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