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Zhu Jingyi Urges Taiwanese People to Choose Future Direction of Taiwan in 2024 Presidential Election

2024/01/05 19:41

Zhu Jingyi (right) believes that when Taiwanese people vote, they are choosing the future direction of Taiwan. (File photo)

Liu Jinren/Editor

[Real-time News/Comprehensive Report]There are only 8 days left in the 2024 presidential election, and the offensive and defensive battles of each camp have entered the countdown stage. On the 5th, Zhu Jingyi, an academician of the Academia Sinica and chairman of the National Science Council during the Ma administration, asked “Where is Taiwan going?” According to the article, when the people of Taiwan vote, they are not only choosing the president, legislators and political parties, but also choosing the future direction of Taiwan. However, Zhu Jingyi claimed about an hour and a half after the article was published that “the clicks in the first 30 minutes are obviously different from those after 30 minutes,” and it was suspected that sensitive keywords were censored again.

Zhu Jingyi recalled that 56 years ago, on almost the same day as Taiwan’s voting day (January 12, 1968), Yang Xiguang, a brave Chinese young man, wrote an article “Where is China Going?” and because of this article he was imprisoned at the age of 18. , spent a full 10 years in prison. After he was released from prison, the Chinese Communist Party still refused to let him go, so he had to use his nickname “Xiao Kai” to barely gain a foothold in society. Later, Yang Xiaokai had the opportunity to study in the United States and move to Australia. He died in 2004. Zhu Jingyi said, “Xiao Kai is an excellent economist and a good friend of mine.”

Zhu Jingyi revealed that he was very sad about how difficult it is for the Chinese people on the other side of the Taiwan Strait. They have no space to decide or discuss the country’s future. Even if they write an article, they will be imprisoned for 10 years. Not only was this 56 years ago, but the situation has not improved today. For example, he gave examples of young people Zhou Ting and Huang Zhifeng who called for democracy in Hong Kong, but suffered a bumpy fate; Uyghur director Yizger cherished and photographed Uyghur culture, but was forced to go into exile; Li Wenliang, a doctor at Wuhan Hospital, died just because he warned the new coronavirus in good faith. Interviewed and threatened by the prosecutor. There are thousands of similar examples, which are very sad.

Changing the topic, Zhu Jingyi said that the people of Taiwan are so lucky. Thanks to the efforts of many predecessors, they can live in a democratic and free environment today. They can use their votes to decide the direction of the country without having to worry about prison or exile. “In the past few days, we can calmly think about where Taiwan is going? No matter what our canvassers say, ‘Taiwan’s future direction’ is the key to our vote choice.”

Focusing on “politics, economics, art and literature”, Zhu Jingyi introduced his subjective ideology in a questioning way, “Is Taiwan’s politics going to embrace the regime that bloody suppressed millions of unarmed Hong Kong people? Is it going to cater to the rule that ethnically cleansed the Uyghurs?” Do you want to have all your actions, all purchases, and all GPS footprints monitored by the government under the “Social Accounting Point”? Do you want to be cautious on the Internet, fearing that you will be targeted, your account will be closed, and you will be interviewed? Or, Do we want to uphold democracy and freedom, pluralistic values, gender equality, and sustainability of public welfare?”

In terms of the economy, “Are we going to move towards a system where “entrepreneurs must always be loyal to the rulers”? Are we going to set up “party committee secretaries” on the boards of directors of all companies? Are we going to obediently abide by the industrial ban on video games and tutoring? Is it going to force Taiwan’s hard-working farmers to Do you know whether agricultural products can be exported by looking at the face of a dictator? Or do we need to actively integrate into the global democratic and free economic system and allow companies to compete and develop flexibly with creativity?”

In terms of the artistic environment, “Are entertainers required to express their support for the leadership of senior party and government officials from time to time? Are they required to face overwhelming text censorship and be bullied online and asked to apologize if they are not careful? Are they required to use the ideology of the Communist Party of China to guide all arts?” Do we want to be like the artist Mu Xin, who suffered piercing persecution and was unable to paint for life, and can only write desolate articles such as “Double Mourning”? Or, do we want to nurture and look forward to a rooted culture in a democratic environment? What is the artistic and literary connotation of the land?”

Zhu Jingyi finally reminded people who are working hard in other places to return home to vote on January 13. In addition to gathering with relatives and friends, they can also cast a sacred vote for Taiwan’s future and express their expectations for Taiwan’s direction.

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