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Kim Jong-un’s Daughter Accompanies Him to Missile Factory in First Public Appearance of 2024


South Korean media “Yonhap News Agency” quoted North Korea’s “Korean Central News Agency” reported on the 5th that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un went to the production factory of intercontinental ballistic missile launch vehicles for on-site instruction. Kim Jong-un’s daughter Kim Ju-ae (transliteration) also accompanied the inspection. This is Kim Jong-un’s Lord Love’s first public event in 2024.

According to the photos released by North Korean official media, Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-eun and many senior officials can be seen inspecting the factory together. Kim Jong-e and Kim Jong-e can be seen wearing similar leather jackets, with a warm fur collar around their necks. , and the faces of several people in his entourage were mosaic-marked; in another photo, Kim Jong-un actually sat in the driver’s seat of the launch vehicle.

Kim Jong-un got into the driver’s seat of the launch vehicle. (Photo/Dazhi Image Reuters)

In addition, you can also see a mobile launch vehicle used to launch the “Hwasong-18” intercontinental ballistic missile, and a launch vehicle suspected to be used to launch the “Hwasong-17”. “Yonhap News Agency” stated that there are five launch vehicles for the “Hwasong-18” ballistic missile. These vehicles have been equipped with missile launchers, and there are several launchers placed on the ground.

North Korea launched the Hwasong-18 ballistic missile just last month. (Photo/Dazhi Image Associated Press)

North Korea launched a Hwasong-18 intercontinental ballistic missile on December 18 last year (2023), and the missile crashed outside Japan’s economic waters. At that time, South Korean experts believed that the US nuclear submarine USS Missouri had arrived in Busan the day before (December 17), bringing North Korea within range. Therefore, North Korea’s missile launch was probably a provocation.

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