Zhang Songwen discusses the film road show in an extensive post, expressing his lack of concern for receiving negative feedback due to poor box office performance.

Original title: Zhang Songwen posted a long article talking about the film road show, saying that he is not afraid of being scolded if the box office is not good

Sohu Entertainment News On March 25, Zhang Songwen posted a long article on the social platform to talk about the film roadshow. In the long article, he shared the behind-the-scenes story of the roadshow of “Not Ending” and his own understanding of the film roadshow, calling for “Endless”.

He also mentioned that many netizens left messages saying that he did not have many roles in the movie “Not Ending”, so if he participated in the road show if the box office was not good, he would be scolded. Regarding this, he wrote: “Sorry, I am not afraid, I have never felt that The box office is the only measure of how good a movie is.”

The full text of Zhang Songwen is as follows:

I came to Taiyuan temporarily to participate in the road show of the movie “Unstoppable”. I arrived at the hotel at twelve o’clock last night. I really wanted to walk the streets of Taiyuan, but it was too late, so I had to give up.

Originally, I had other work arrangements in Beijing today, but I explained the situation to the other party, and they were very understanding. Director Wang Jing and Bai Ke originally came from Taiyuan, but Bai Ke fell ill, and he was very uncomfortable during the screening at the Film Academy the day before yesterday. , I will immediately explain to the younger brothers and sisters in the audience, let the staff help him down, everyone can understand, but he persisted. Yesterday he sent a Weibo message to apologize to everyone, saying that he would not be able to participate in the upcoming road show due to physical discomfort. I asked the producer Xiao Zhao, and Xiao Zhao said that he had a really serious fever, and only the director would be able to participate later. Just after talking about this, I learned that the director was trapped in Guangzhou due to the heavy rain and might not be able to go to the road show in Shanghai, so Bai Ke immediately went to Shanghai with illness. This kind of situation is indeed relatively rare in the past movie announcements. I believe that the colleagues in the announcement company are also crazy, because the audience and the creators have already sold the tickets in advance. The act of cheating. So I am very touched by the spirit of Baike, but I don’t advocate such behavior, there is nothing more important than the body, right? So, Taiyuan, let me come.

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I have been in the industry for many years, and I don’t know when it started. There is a road show before the film is released. Sometimes I think,What is the meaning of roadshow?I haven’t communicated with anyone,My understanding is to go to a certain movie theater, where every screening hall is showing this movie. After watching the movie, the director led us and all the actors out, and the audience let out a “wow”, it’s amazing Ah, the characters I saw on the screen just now came out one by one, and then praised them regardless of whether they thought they looked good or not.The main creators also interacted with the host over and over again, chatting with almost the same words in every screening hall: Why did the director make a work with such a theme? Are there any anecdotes and joys during the filming of the actors… It is the same every year, and the road show of each film is almost the same. I think the issues that go in and communicate with the audience are not the key points. The important thing is that everyone has a good chat. Suddenly came a sentence: Do you think our movie today is good? The audience below shouted loudly in a dizzy state: Good! ! ! At this time, the host came up with a sentence: I hope everyone will call our movie on your social media, and recommend friends around you to watch our movie in the cinema. Every time I think it’s funny, you think the audience is stupid, it’s not good to watch the movie, and you still scold your movie to death in the circle of friends when you walk out of the movie theater.

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The road show of “Not Ending” has been going on for a few days. I participated in the screenings and exchanges in 18 halls of Beijing Emperor Film City, China Film Archive, Peking University, and Beijing Film Academy.Many netizens left me messages saying that I don’t have many roles in movies, so if I participate in road shows like this, I will be scolded if the box office is not good. Sorry, I am not afraid, I have never felt that the box office is the only criterion for measuring the quality of a movie.

Today, why am I trying my best to run a road show for “Not Ending”? The story was the first reason that moved me: an intern reporter spoke out for the discriminated against. I was moved when I read the script. I respect Momo Films for choosing to invest in such a subject under the film market environment three years ago. They are a new company, and I hope they will not lose money. The film is produced by director Jia Zhangke, who I respect As a filmmaker, with his escort from the script and shooting, the quality is guaranteed; the director of the film, Wang Jing, is my junior at the film school. Witnessed his craftsman spirit and persistence, which is the premise of an excellent director. There is a big stone on the campus of the Film Academy, engraved with our school motto: respect teachers, pass the torch from generation to generation. At each graduate conference, the principal will exhort: Going out to the society in the future, I hope that students and alumni will help each other. This movie is director Wang Jing’s debut feature film, as his brother, I will try my best to help him.

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What is the significance of the film’s road show? In fact, I still don’t understand it very well, it may be: you tried your best, and then you got a little bit of audience who is willing to say a few words for the movie. Then I’m willing to do my best for it.

Alright, I’m leaving for the road show, audiences in Taiyuan, I hope you enjoy watching the film.Return to Sohu to see more


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