Zamalek refuses to participate “Haddad” in the African semi-finals because of 200 thousand dollars

The football department at Zamalek Club rejects any friendly solutions regarding the participation of Moroccan striker Hamid Haddad, the striker of the loaned team to the Moroccan hope, in the face of the white team that will bring Zamalek with his Moroccan counterpart in the African Champions League semi-finals, where the first leg will be held in Morocco on the 25th of next September. The return meeting will be on next October 2 in Cairo, where the Zamalek administration adheres to repaying the Moroccan hope for 200 thousand dollars in the event that the Moroccan team wishes to involve a crowd in front of the white team in the semi-final, according to the contract concluded between the two clubs for loaning the player to the Moroccan club until the end of the current season, After the player recently starred with Moroccan Raja, scoring 7 goals in the Moroccan League.

Ahadad has received a group of Moroccan offers during the recent period and the Ball Administration in Zamalek will discuss the possibility of agreeing to one of the offers submitted to him. Amir Mortada Mansour, the General Supervisor of the Ball in the Zamalek Club, confirmed his happiness at the level provided by the Moroccan Hamid Hadad, the striker of the loaned team to the Moroccan hope, saying: “We follow all loaned persons and Haddad offers a great level, and we will benefit from it technically if he returns to the club after the outstanding level he offers.” Technically, if Zamalek returns … we will benefit materially more from the purchase item with please, or if one of the special offers for loaning it or selling it to clubs other than please .. in all cases we will benefit from the player.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) approved the decision of the Clubs Committee to hold the semi-final matches of the African Champions League in the home and away system, after the CAF Clubs Committee, CAF, retracted the proposal to establish semi-final confrontations African Champions League From playoff games on neutral courts.

Al-Ahly and Zamalek will meet Moroccan Wydad, please, respectively, in the semi-finals of the African Champions League, while Pyramids will be on a date to meet with Houria Conakry, the Guinean in the semi-finals of the Confederacy, and the Moroccan duo Hassania Agadir and the rise of Berkane in the other semi-final.

The African Union issued an official statement in which it said: “After the Cameroonian Football Federation withdrew from the reception of the Golden Square, and in line with the principles of justice, it was decided not to hold matches in the Golden Square system, whether in Egypt or Morocco, where their clubs represent the parties to the semi-final round, which are Al-Ahly and Zamalek ( Egypt), Raja Casablanca and Wydad Casablanca (Morocco).

The semi-final matches will be played in the home and away system, the two matches on 25 and 26 September 2020 in Morocco, and the two games on the 2 and 3 October in Egypt and in application of the principle of justice, the final match will be held on neutral ground if one team from Egypt and another from Morocco qualify from the semi-final, and will be opened The door to apply for hosting the match for the member federations, with the exception of Egypt and Morocco, to host the final which is held from one match, and the member federations wishing to host the match must submit the application file including the match stadium and the necessary government guarantee no later than 17 August 2020.

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