Yvon Nique, founder of the interage university, has died


–>Yvon Nique at home.

Yvon Nique at home. (© La Marne)

He was the founder ofinterage university, a big professor for many Chellois, commander of the Order of Academic Palms and holder of the Youth and Sports gold medal.

Yvon Nique died on Wednesday October 21, 2020. The funeral is scheduled for Tuesday October 27, at 2:15 pm at the new cemetery of Chelles.

Death of a passionate teacher, figure of Chelles

Born March 29, 1931, he arrived in Chelles in 1937 with his family. His father works in the railroads. After a first accommodation in the railway town, the family moved to rue Adolphe Besson.

Teacher then Spanish teacher at Chelles, he became deputy principal in Champs-sur-Marne, then principal in Créteil where he was also deputy mayor Laurent Cathala.

“He has always been very involved in the education of children and in sport,” testifies a close relative. He believed in the future of all his students, without stopping at the behavioral problems they sometimes had. “

A sports enthusiast

With his sister Colette, Yvon Nique practiced athletics in 1,500 m and 3,000 m. He was also a great supporter of the Créteil handball team.

A relative describes him as “a very modern man, who had a lot of tolerance”.

He was convinced that the differences from the others make it possible to be stronger together, this witness adds. For him, there were no bad students or bad children. He firmly believed that shaking hands with young people could help them get out of their neighborhood.

A relative of Yvon Nique

His last lecture

When he retired, in 2002 he founded the interage university, a municipal structure, in Chelles where he resides, rue de Condé. It is inspired for this by an associative structure existing in Créteil.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020, he introduced as usual a conference of the interage University of Chelles. It was about the history of the book. He himself was passionate about bibliophilia.

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