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Youths Leaving Kerala: ArchBishop’s Criticism of Chief Minister

Thiruvananthapuram – Archbishop Joseph Perunthottam of Changanassery Archdiocese says that youth are leaving Kerala in search of opportunities. He was speaking at a reception given to Syro-Malabar Church Major Archbishop Mar Raphael Hattil by the civic community at PMG Lourdes Church. The criticism came when the Chief Minister was on stage. The Chief Minister responded to the criticism. The Chief Minister’s response was that the youth going abroad is not Kerala’s problem, but a change of times. Opposition Leader VD Satheesan also supported the Archbishop’s remarks.

Archbishop Joseph Perunthottam said that many people feel that they cannot succeed in life in God’s country. I feel like I need to go somewhere to escape from here. This is not the church’s problem, it is the youth’s problem. We have to convince that there is a situation where we can live and succeed here. Joseph Perunthottam said that the government is responsible for that. The Chief Minister replied that the children are growing up in the new era, understanding the world and the children themselves are deciding whether they want to go and study in this place. Parents have to give in to the pressure of their children. Children want to go out and learn. The government is looking at how to keep them here. The government is taking steps to empower the higher education sector. The Syro-Malabar Church cannot complain about the government. When problems arose, the government remained neutral. Otherwise you know what would have happened,” said the Chief Minister. Abhivandya Atttil’s father has got an opportunity to become a link in history. Christian missionaries played a major role in the education and health sector of the country. The Chief Minister said that it should not be forgotten that Graham Steyn and his family, who were engaged in missionary work, were killed on this day.

Opposition leader V.D. Satheesan supported Archbishop Joseph Perunthottam. Criticism cannot be taken lightly. The children are going out. There is concern that Kerala will become the land of the elderly. 9 universities do not have VCs. 5 colleges also have no principals. Seats are vacant in colleges. The education scene has taken a dangerous turn. This should be checked. The problem should be solved without mentioning the old achievement. V. D. Satheesan said that Joseph Perunthottam’s is not a criticism, but a concern.

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‘Youths are leaving Kerala’:ArchBishop Joseph Perumthottam criticize Chief Minister

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