Youssef Shaaban was transferred to another hospital after his health condition became unstable

Mrs. Iman, the wife of Youssef Shaaban, the great artist from a hospital in Dokki, was transferred to Agouza Hospital, after his health condition was unstable due to his infection with the Corona virus.

For her part, artist Nihal Anbar, the medical file official at the Syndicate of Theatrical Professions, said in her statements to “The Seventh Day” that the great artist Youssef Shaaban had already been transferred to Agouza Hospital, explaining that it was his health condition that required his transfer from one hospital to another.

Anbar added that after the transfer of the great artist Youssef Shaaban, his condition has become somewhat stable, noting that she is waiting for the next hours for the treating doctor to diagnose his condition more accurately.

The great artist Youssef Shaaban was transferred to a hospital in Dokki a few hours ago, after being infected with the Corona virus, and then he was transferred to the Agouza Hospital, where he is now.


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