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KOMPAS.comAffair does not have to be done by establishing another relationship behind the partner.

Small affair, or what was later referred to as an affair micro, is also done by someone who already has a partner.

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that he did micro-infidelity this from their partner.

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Moreover, the development of digital technology has made micro-affairs easier to do.

What exactly is micro-affair?

This new phrase is used to describe everyday actions that could be considered inappropriate flirting, which someone does to someone other than their partner.

Special features of having an affair micro focuses emotionally and physically on other people who are not partners.

“What is adultery?” is one of the most frequently asked questions sex therapists ask.

For a more detailed discussion, here are what relationship experts think about some of the common ways someone initiates micro-affairs:

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– Sending teasing jokes and memes

– Create a profile Tinder just to see how many matches or likes it gets

– Go all out and dress up when you meet people you like

– Find out about someone they like through their social media

– Claims to be single, both in person and online

– Sending message, tweet, or posts flirt with anonymous account

– Likes or comments on social media of liked people

– Discuss sex life with someone who is not a partner

– Keep replying to messages all day long

– Send a selfie or a slightly open photo to the person you like

– Hiding friendship from partner

– Tell friends you like them

– Having a joke that only the two of you can understand

– There are reasons to meet or be alone

– Express emotionally intimate things

Sexting, including graphic language and sending nude images

When viewed, this behavior might appear harmless. But actually, micro cheating bringing destruction slowly.

“If allowed, micro-infidelity will lead to massive cheating.”

So says Anisha Patel-Dunn, DO, psychiatrist, chief medical officer LifeStance Health, who is also the co-founder of Pacific Coast Psychiatric Associates in Walnut Creek, California, United States.

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“Even if it never turns physical, this kind of cheating fits all the criteria for emotional cheating, and it can be more damaging to the relationship,” he added.

In many cases, praising or physically admiring someone who is not our partner may occur while under the influence of alcohol. But this is only temporary.

On the other hand, emotional affairs are intentional on average, and require a series of decisions that become increasingly intimate over a period of time.

Both types of infidelity are terrible, but it is often the most difficult emotional aspect to heal because they are planned in advance.

“It will feel easier to forgive the couple for one-night stand rather than months of lying and cheating, ”he said.

Having an affair micro is a real cheating

This behavior may feel like an ordinary thing you do with friends at work.

“(It can) become an affair when one or both people have feelings for each other.”

So says Caroline Madden, PhD, author Fool Me Once: Should I Take Back My Cheating Husband?, and a marriage therapist who specializes in healing after an affair in Burbank, California.

For example, having lunch with old friends is a great way to stay connected.

But if you have always harbored a crush on this person, lunch with them can be a place to flirt with each other.

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Also, different people have different levels of comfort in a relationship.

Some of the things you might think of as cheating are small, other people may take them seriously.

When deciding if something isn’t right and is approaching the affair, ask yourself.

“If you find your partner doing what you would do, will it hurt your feelings?” Madden said.

“Transparency is everything. Any image or text you send to your ‘friends’ should get it posted on social media or sent to your mother, “he added.

This may be a new problem in your marriage or relationship with him.

“However, don’t get caught up in the black-and-white definition because that can be a way to rationalize bad behavior,” Madden said.

Only you know your feelings and motives when you are in relationships with other people, and you have to be honest with yourself about those too.

In essence, doing something that would be problematic by your partner, is included in the type of cheating.

This behavior will plunge you into real cheating behavior.

Why is micro cheating on the rise?

“The pandemic due to the coronavirus and other recent disturbing events has created the perfect storm for micro-infidelity,” said Dr. Patel-Dunn.

Much of this kind of cheating occurs via digital means such as social media and texting because it is easier to hide or explain than physical acts.

The call to work from home and go into quarantine means spending more time connected online, than ever before.

Not to mention, this situation means that you and your partner have to spend more time together than before, which can expose weaknesses in the relationship and cause fights.

As a result, a person needs someone outside their relationship to talk to, and micro-infidelity occurs.

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“Since the pandemic started and a lot of people are now working from home, I have many clients who tell me they are shocked how much they miss certain co-workers,” Madden said.

It turns out that a ‘special friend’ at work can heal the wounds of a bad marriage and relationship by fulfilling the need for respect, respect, and emotional connection.

“The quarantine (due to the coronavirus) has made some people realize that they are trapped in an empty marriage or a toxic relationship,” Madden said.

“The bottom line is that current events have dramatically increased anxiety and insecurity, putting people in a very vulnerable position emotionally,” explains Dr. Patel-Dunn.

“It’s natural for people to seek comfort and support from friends and loved ones during these times and sometimes it can turn into an affair,” continued Dr. Patel-Dunn.

Signs that the partner may be engaging in micro-infidelity

It can be difficult to tell if our partner is engaging in micro-infidelity.

So it’s important to look for other behaviors that might indicate that he is engaging in micro-infidelity.

1. Always hide his cell phone

You can no longer see notifications from his cellphone. He also always turns his cellphone down when he is with you.

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“Some micro (cheaters) will disguise the SMS app as another app or just chat in private, password-protected social media messages,” Madden said.

2. Delete the entire text conversation

If a conversation seems cut off, in your partner’s conversation with someone, he or she may have deleted messages that you didn’t want to know.

“If they erase something so you don’t accidentally see something, even if it has nothing to do with sex, that’s still cheating,” Madden said.

“There’s a reason they feel they have to hide it and that’s not a very good reason.”

3. Always use your cell phone during family time

He will tend to be fun with his cellphone, even when spending time with family.

This shows that he prioritizes the “friendship” over the relationship with you.

He calls someone ‘just a friend’ but spends more time talking to him than with his partner.

“The person caught doing petty cheating will always claim that he is ‘just friends’ with the person you are worried about,” Madden said.

“If other people have feelings for him, he may not even realize that he is on a slippery slope,” he added.

4. Will not share mobile passcode

There are many reasons why you need a partner’s cell phone passcode, such as answering an emergency call, or when you want to borrow it to call someone else.

This can be a problem, when he doesn’t want to share his phone password with you.

5. Like and comment on every post made by someone

This is one of the things that many “era couples fuss about.” now“.

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“Liked and commented on posts Other people’s social media is not a sure sign that your partner is cheating, but it can give you a lot of clues, ”said Madden.

However if every posts commented on by the same person, and turned into a private conversation, these are signs you should be aware of.

6. Change someone’s name on the cell phone

So, if you notice that your partner is constantly texting someone whose name you don’t know, he’s hiding his relationship with that person from you.

Or, it could be that he is covering up someone he knows by changing his name to the name of another person of the opposite sex, in order to minimize suspicion.

7. Vow that you will never be able to deceive and laugh at those who do

Some people think, whether because of low self-esteem or too high a will, he may not be tempted to cheat.

“It’s dangerous. Because he thought he would never cheat, he felt free to really get close to the edge (of the abyss of infidelity),” said Madden.

“Then he fell from the abyss carrying his marriage and your heart with him,” he added.

8. Sex life is dead

“When partners have their romantic and sexual needs met by other people, they are naturally less attracted to you,” says Dr. Patel-Dunn.

Even when you do it with a partner, sex will feel bland.

What to do if partner commits micro-infidelity.

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“The best way to fight and prevent micro-cheating is to try to strengthen relationships,” said Madden.

Give attention to the partner, plan a date night. Because many people are tempted to cheat when they don’t feel valued or loved at home.

“Often the micro-infidelity highlights what the relationship is missing,” says Dr. Patel-Dunn.

“One or both of them may be surprised to realize that micro-cheating occurs because it starts at a very unconscious level,” he said.

“This is a real opportunity for introspection and communication.”

“You need to talk about it and express it in the open,” he continued.

These conversations can be difficult to have, especially if your partner is denying their micro-cheating.

If this happens, get married counseling before the micro-cheating gets worse.

If both partners are committed to fixing the problem, this type of emotional honesty can strengthen your relationship and protect you and your partner from micro-infidelity in the future.



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