Young man from A Coruña shot dead in the Philippines: Diego Bello’s body arrives in Madrid and his case is already being investigated by the National Court | Radio Coruña

The body of Diego Bello, the young man from A Coruña who was shot dead by the Philippine Police, arrived this Saturday at Madrid, via Dubai. This has been confirmed by one of his relatives around 1:30 p.m. this afternoon, when he also stressed that “now the second part begins, the search for justice” for the deceased.

Initially, the body was scheduled to arrive in the Spanish capital on Sunday, although the family already pointed out that it was trying to bring the arrival forward to Saturday, once the Spanish embassy formalized all the procedures before the Philippine authorities.

Now in Madrid there will be aUtopsy in the Forensic Anatomy, as indicated by the family to Europa Press. It will be the second carried out to the body after the one commissioned by the Philippine Human Rights Commission.

Specifically, the family has confirmed that, after having evidence of the death of Diego Bello, they presented a complaint in a court in A Coruña which, in turn, forwarded it to the National Court for being competent in this case. They have also indicated that the new autopsy has now been “ordered” by a judge of this court.

Diego Bello was shot dead in the middle of an alleged police operation against drug trafficking. At that time, the Philippine security body assured that the young man from A Coruña, with businesses in the Siargao island, belonged to a drug sales network.

Family and friends deny Philippine police accusations

Both his family and friends later categorically denied that Diego Bello could have any kind of relationship with drug trafficking.

“Much less with drug trafficking or possession of weapons, of which he was initially accused, and proof of this is his lack of antecedents,” they specified in a statement sent by the family, which has insisted that he will fight “until final “to clarify what happened.

The accusations against the young man of an alleged relationship with drug trafficking and weapons by Philippine agents to justify their action fall under their own weight and all are a lie, according to his brother. Bruno Bello, in Hoy por Hoy A Coruña.

The Spanish embassy in the Philippines, Amnesty International, the Xunta and the Government Delegation in Galicia have wrapped up the family and demanded an investigation to clarify the circumstances of the young man’s death.

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