Vice President Mike Pence is missing on Michigan ballot papers

Lansing. On ballot papers for the US election in Michigan, President Donald Trump mistakenly received a new vice presidential candidate. Instead of the actual Vice-President Mike Pence, the name of the Vice-Presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party, Jeremy Cohen, was next to Trump. The “temporary error” was fixed on Tuesday within 90 minutes, said Tracy Wimmer, government spokeswoman in Michigan.

Wrong ballot papers are valid when voting

The incorrect ballot papers were intended for postal voters abroad. Wimmer said around 400 of them were downloaded during the questionable period. How many were then sent is unclear. “If a voter returns the wrong ballot instead of the correct one, he will still count,” said Wimmer.

Cohen is actually running as Jo Jorgensen’s vice presidential candidate. The Libertarian Party has no chance in the November 3rd election.

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