“You used to call me brother and now you don’t want me anymore”

He is discussing the removal from Rai of Mauro Corona, guilty – during the broadcast of #Cartabianca – of having silenced the presenter Bianca Berlinguer giving her some «Chicken!». But is this really the reason for the farewell between the fumantino writer from Trentino and state television?

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It was Corona himself, during the delivery of the Golden Tapir by Striscia la Notizie, who gave his version to the satirical news cameras: “I can assure you that Berlinguer doesn’t want me. It’s someone else“. And when the correspondent Valerio Staffelli presses him, asking him if the person in charge is Franco Di Mare, the writer sends a clear message to the director of Rai 3: “Franky Di Mare, I have nothing to say about you don’t want me anymore. But I would like to understand why you didn’t tell me before, instead of continuing to send messages of friendship and call me your “brother of the mountain”. At least clarify this change of pace with me. In any case, know that I don’t hang myself if I don’t come there anymore».

Last update: Thursday 22 October 2020, 22:19



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