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the risk of rain returnsending the work week.adriana: about theserains, this has generated thatthere are thousands of canceled flightsnationwide, many inour tri-state area.what to do if it is the situationwhat happened to you?Is there any way to guaranteeyour refund?damaris íaz found out.damaris: thousands of people havepacked your bags to travelthis weekend, andtake advantage of the holidaysspring.airports in our areastill experiencing delayslike the problems incontrol programsair traffic.univision news 41 sejfk airport transfer innew York.we talked with passengers andothers waiting for theirrelatives.>> the airline canceled last nighttheir flight and they hadto go for panaá.damaris: the weekendlast there were those of 10,000delayed flights, somethey were completely cancelled.within these, 700 ofthere you have to beprepared, sinceairlines can be delayedup to three in normalizationits operations afterheavy interruptions.other affected companies havesido south west, frontiers yamerican airlines.refund of the cost of yourticket, if acancellation or delaysignificant, and decides not toto travel.In this case, the right tofactors, such as the duration of thedelay.the duration of the flight.your circumstancesindividuals.we visited david rivas, atravel agent with wings of 40>> you must keep the receipts ofyes, hotel and costsextras you have toincur when asituation that is not your fault.damaris: what if i have aI fly tonight with theairline, but they canceland I am forced to buy withanother company, and it costs me thedouble or triple?>> traveling is going to becomea have to have the resources andbe in a position to buya second flight, in casea refund. many cardsof credit offer the facilitythat the person cancancel and get immediatelythe money that was used in theticket original.Damaris: It’s important.check the status of yourflight before leaving homeTo avoid inconveniences.remember that if you booked ahotel or a car, you have tocall them to avoid charges

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