Of the 107 active fires this morning, there are four that concern firefighters most – Observer

Portugal with 107 active fires, four of which are still worrying Firefighters and Civil Protection

On the day that the North and Center of Portugal continue to be at maximum fire risk, according to the Instituto do Mar e da Atmosfera, and after an intense night in the fight against flames, this Friday morning began with a total of 107 active fires all over the country, four of which are of particular concern to Firefighters and Civil Protection – those of Sernancelhe, Torre de Moncorvo, Alijó and Fundão.

In the total number of fires spread across the country, 2075 operational and 659 vehicles are involved (Civil Protection data). Altogether there are 70 fires still in progress, nine of which are in the resolution phase and 28 are already in the conclusion phase.

The fire in Fundão it was the one that inspired the most care yesterday but according to Civil Protection it is already “evolving very favorably”, with no injuries or people at risk caused by the two fronts that are being dominated.

The fire that also broke out on Thursday in Alijó, continues to be fought on several fronts but one of them is already dominated, the district operational commander of Vila Real, Álvaro Ribeiro told Lusa. Two fronts are still active (one of which is evolving favorably) and the other is 50% dominated.

It should also be noted that the Sernancelhe fire, on the outskirts of Viseu, already has “two dominated fronts”, informed the District Command of Relief Operations (CDOS) of that region. One of the fronts that remain active is “approximately three kilometers”. At midnight this Friday, the Mayor of Sernancelhe, Carlos Silva Santiago, told Lusa that there was “a front that is going uncontrollably towards the neighboring municipality of Aguiar da Beira”, but in the meantime the CDOS reported that this front remains active, “but not in an uncontrolled way”.

Finally, there is still the fire at the União de Freguesias da Cardanha and Adeganha, in Torre de Moncorvo, which currently has an active front, in an area of ​​difficult access, and whose combat will be reinforced this morning with aerial means. The firefighters managed to dominate one of the active fronts, leaving now one “difficult to access”. There are no wounded to register or populations at risk.

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