Yosua’s family shocked as police hand over 4 million rupees to Brigadier Yosua’s check


Two representatives of Bareskrim Polri came to the residence of the deceased Brigadier Joshua Hutabarat in Suka Makmur village, Sungai Bahar, Muaro Jambi district, Jambi. Police came to give Yosua check of Rp. 4 million to his biological parents.

“We are handing over his (deceased Yosua) check, which we have to pass on, because it is his right, right, that we pass on to his heirs,” Bareskrim Polri representative Heni told reporters, as reported by detikSumatraTuesday (11/29/2022).

The money given is the June 2022 performance allowance and the 13th month performance allowance. Samuel Hutabarat and Rosti Simajuntak, Yosua’s biological father and mother, received the police directly.

Samuel Hutabarat said he was surprised when the police arrived at his residence. He admits he’s still traumatized.

“We were surprised at first, true, because someone told me that a Bareskrim representative would come to the house to deliver alimony to our late Yoshua’s son. I thought why should he be delivered, why didn’t he just transfer him to our son account. Therefore, we are still in shock, right? We coordinate with our lawyers, right,” said Samuel.

Samuel then received an explanation that the child support money would be handed over directly because Joshua’s account was blocked. He said the money he received from his child support was Rp. 4,053,000.

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