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Xie Weijun: Preventive Measures Only – Interview Highlights and Analysis

He was asked if he was “shocked” after the page deleted “sensitive” content Xie Weijun: Preventive work only

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[Aithisg meadhanan neo-eisimeileach]Legislative Council member Tse Wai-jun earlier shut down his social networking page to revise and delete “sensitive” content this SaturdayReopen concurrent verificationAll criticism is intended to raise questions and develop ideas, or advocate for policy making through legal channels. Tse Wai-jun was interviewed by Commercial Channel’s “Start on a Sunny Day” program this morning. Jun said, “Actually, you can’t use surprise.” Word”, as a lawyer, every time there is a new law, he examines whether the things done by individuals, companies and institutions have any effect: “Is the work of prevention easy to understand. “

“Sai Wan Chee Tsai” was criticized by Li Jiachao for inciting conflict.

Tse Wai Chun, once regarded as the “Sai Wan Qi Zi”,Leader Li Ka-chiu was asked questions at the Legislative Council’s Question and Answer Session on 25 January this yearquestioning the recent “water tightness” in warehouses, law enforcement officers are “celebrating” day and night, such as copying cards, plainclothes police sending the arresting citizens who do not follow the rules when crossing the road, imposing heavy fines on restaurants for blocking streets, or doing “wheel wars” around the clock front of bookstores and restaurants industrial building High pressure law enforcement behavior.

Tse Wai-jun also believes that the government’s management style is “pro-Xiaohongshu there is no tax payment account, far away from Hong Kong people who actually pay ​​taxes.” heavy, making it difficult to participate in large events. cash grab. In response, Li Jiachao stressed his opposition to the idea of ​​inciting conflict and criticized the other party’s use of words that reminded him of “soft conflict” and “reactionary forces” of the “black violence”. ” in 2019.

Xie Weijun, a lawyer himself, closed his Facebook page four days after the “National Security Preservation Order” was investigated and came into effect, and re-registered the day before yesterday to keep and comment, and that all criticism was intended to raise questions and improve the situation, or through legal channels to appeal to the central government or SAR to formulate policies.

Chen Zhiyun asked: Are you surprised?Tse Wai-jun emphasizes that MPs should be urgent

In the program, when asked if this move was related to the Q&A session, Tse Wai-jun said, “Of course not.” ” and MPs have a responsibility to be critical. , just doing what legislators should do: “To use the boss’s words, we are a red team If everyone who ‘ speak in the same direction, the government will be in danger.

Speaking about the content of the denial, Xie Weijun admitted that he “does it for the sake of doing it”: “It’s better not to do it, because sometimes some people… feel that some of posts as they wish, and it is very tiring to post them around.

A review of the page’s posts over the years claiming that crimes have nothing to do with their history

Regarding the effect of the Article 23 legislation on Hong Kong citizens, Tse Wai-jun said that most citizens committing treason, secession or leaking state secrets would not be likely to “commit crimes without feeling guilty” on social platforms: “In the past, social media interfaces were relatively loose, so the records left behind were not cleaned up or deleted earlier suspected of posting false intentions on social media. The comments reminded the public to be careful: “These young friends may be impulsive, and it is especially easy to leave some words behind. they don’t know that after the Article 23 legislation, it could be a more serious offence.”

In the show, Xie Weijun also revealed that his assistant has been reviewing the page’s posts over the years around the clock. The host asked: “Xie Weijun! Is it illegal to post something? Do you have to check it once?” Xie Weijun said: “Even if there are unauthorized buildings in the capital. After the unauthorized construction incident came out, if everyone who does not inspect their houses At least the company is illegal or not, you are caught In the past, some high-ranking officials may have drunk driving, and so on, they broke all the law related to their background.”

To avoid radicals “grabbing the text and doing an autopsy”, claiming that they will help law enforcement agencies return

Xie Weijun said that it is everyone’s responsibility to review their current and past continuous behaviors: “Whether it is necessary to reduce the risk , because new issues are always coming out. ”The host pointed out: “You all need it. There are so many people in need.” Xie Weijun reiterated that the original intention of this approach was to prevent people with different political views. , especially radicals, from “taking contents for autopsy”: “Then (give it) to the National Security Bureau, (ask) Whatever, I broke the law and caused a lot of shame If I help myself, I will also help the law enforcement agencies.”

The host asked Xie Weijun if this move would cause trouble and he described the Article 23 legislation as a scourge. Xie Weijun said, “There’s nothing to worry about.” Everyone should have their legal responsibilities: “For example, IKEA does not allow the use of plastic knives and forks. Do we put too many plastic knives and forks in the store and colleagues. notice?

Tse Wai-jun finally said: “I think I am one of the few groups that want to establish, and sometimes I have voices that the government does not listen to. Or maybe I am even the only one. The chief executive should be. In the Legislative Council When there is an exemption, there is criticism that I should be more careful when I speak.”

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