X Factor 2021: Fedez’s Run-Up, Morgan’s Loop, and SARAFINE’s Success – Ratings and Reviews

Fedez’s run-up, rating: 7

When Fedez arrived at the Live, he managed to put together a very strong team and got into gear. He lost Asia almost immediately, but then he took a run and arrived with two very good competitors in the final, who he knew how to listen to (when they found themselves in difficulty with the assignment he agreed to change the song) and valorize. Despite the distractions caused by the soap-Morgan: because of him he found himself several times under Valerio Staffelli’s house with the Golden Tapir in his hand. He certainly would have preferred (and deserved) a slightly more serene X Factor.

Morgan in the loop, rating: 0

The protagonists, the contexts change, with some variables (sometimes he apologizes, sometimes – as in this case – he takes it out on alleged “cliques” against him), but the result does not change. Morgan continues to be trapped in a destructive loop fueled by his ego. He returns, in this case after having launched attacks against the program in all places and in all lakes. He creates havoc. He is sent away. “Morgan did Morgan.” Unfortunately, because then we no longer talk about music but rather about his excesses. It is no coincidence that he continues to divide the public even if he is no longer present among the judges: there are those who reject him without appeal and those who, for the umpteenth time, save him for his competence and experience (on competitors have won five times). Or because it can be an excuse to counter Fedez (something that has been very fashionable lately).

Ambra in the final without competitors, vote: 4

«We are the anonymous emotional ones, we are always crying, the weepers». This is how Ambra jokingly defined his team on the eve of Live’s departure. Episode after episode, also due to the assignments, the emotion has always remained confined within the team. The audience, cut off, quickly fell out of love. Thus Ambra found herself in the final without competitors after having also faced a fratricidal ballot during the fifth Live between Angelica – who entered Pope and left Cardinal, as they say – and Matteo Alieno, in which she didn’t feel like deciding who was first. eliminate (and the other two judges, Fedez and Dargen, had to intervene to help him).

Dargen less focused than the last edition, rating: 5

Even though he quietly managed to bring almost his entire team to the final, Dargen appeared less focused than last year. He was often overshadowed by his overflowing desk neighbor (with whom he also clashed lively during the fourth Live). However, he was genuinely a great supporter of other people’s competitors such as Maria Tomba, of whom he has repeatedly declared himself a fan.

The successful bet by SARAFINE, rating: 8

He ranged from traditional Calabrian songs to Bizet’s Carmen, from the Beatles to 883, without ever missing a beat. At 34 it’s not easy to leave a secure job to get back into the game, obeying the irresistible call of music. But Sara Sorrenti, aka SARAFINE, did it and – in light of her impeccable path in the program – never was a more successful bet.

Francesca Michielin in difficulty, rating: 5

After the baptism of fire last year, the second run should have been a walk in the park. Flat, agile, smooth. Instead it turned out to be a Dolomite stage, and in the most tiring moments (the gaffe on Ivan Graziani but above all Morgan impossible to contain) Francesca Michielin appeared in extreme difficulty.

The revelation Maria Tomba, rating: 8

We still don’t know if the «Maria Tomba è morti» tour will ever materialize but one thing is certain: Maria Tomba, with her feisty stage presence and her over-the-top enthusiasm (as well as her powerful soul voice), was the revelation of

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