Musk lashes out again: “Walt Disney CEO should be fired immediately”

“Walt Disney would turn in his grave if he saw what Bob has done with his company,” Musk wrote in his message on the platform, formerly known as Twitter.

In another message on X, Musk also refers to a lawsuit in the American state of New Mexico. It accuses social media companies Facebook and Instagram of facilitating child abuse and human trafficking. Walt Disney still advertises on those platforms. “Bob Iger thinks it’s cool to advertise next to child exploitation material,” Musk writes.

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It is not the first time that the X owner has lashed out at runaway advertisers. There are quite a few of them now. And in addition to Walt Disney, other very large companies such as IBM and Apple have recently withdrawn from X. The reason was anti-Semitic statements by Musk. For example, he responded approvingly to a post on Later, Musk issued a mea culpa: He admitted that his post was “the dumbest thing” he had ever done.

At the New York Times Dealbook Summit in New York last week, Musk revisited the commotion his tweet had caused in a conversation that lasted more than an hour. His response to the companies that dropped out was sharp. “I don’t want them to advertise,” he said. “If someone is going to blackmail me with advertising or money, leave. Go f*ck yourself.” Even then, at one point he specifically addressed Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, who was also present at that conference. “Hey Bob, if you’re in the audience, that’s how I feel,” Musk said.

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