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Wüst happy to be able to skate: ‘But it is different than usual’

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The international skating union ISU previously decided that no competitions would be organized this calendar year, so there are no World Cup competitions scheduled for the time being. The European and world championships are on the schedule from January. Whether those matches will continue will be decided later.

Different ambiance

The skating season starts in a completely different atmosphere than the end of last season. “That was in a full Thialf, one big party and with a track record. It will now be an empty Thialf, without an audience and without coaches to encourage you.”

Wüst does not think that track records will be broken this weekend. “For me that depends on whether there is an audience, but maybe not for others. That could be.”

The women come into action on the 1,500 meters on the first day of the NK distances. Wüst rides against Reina Anema in the final stage.

A new season, with (a few) new teams. View the compositions in the slideshow below:

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