Unlike the Seasonal Flu, Here Are 4 Ways to Spread the Corona Covid-19 Virus

Ilustrasi flu. (Pixabay/Mojpe)

Himedik.com – Pandemic corona virus Covid-19 which is still ongoing in the middle of the rainy season is raising more concern. Experts have advised everyone to look for a vaccine flu to prevent more severe conditions when infected with the virus.

But, it should be understood that seasonal flu different from the Covid-19 corona virus and the type of flu that changes every year. Therefore, this year’s flu shot may not work optimally next year.

Reporting from The Sun, seasonal flu and the Covid-19 corona virus not only have different symptoms, but are also transmitted in different ways.

Generally, these two conditions are transmitted through droplets of body respiration fluids. That is why the use of masks and physical distance is necessary.

Therefore, understanding how the two diseases spread can help and determine which virus you had when you started feeling unwell.

Illustration of Corona Covid-19 virus – (Pixabay / geralt)

Scientists are still studying about the Covid-19 corona virus. But, experts say there are 4 ways the spread of the deadly Covid-19 corona virus is different from the common cold.

Lack of immunity

So far a vaccine for the corona virus has not been found. Meanwhile, every year, new flu shots are developed to fight the latest types of viruses.

Linsey Marr, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Virginia Tech who studies airborne viruses, said the coronavirus is more spreading than the flu. Due to the fact, the population has a lower immunity to the corona virus.


Flu symptoms are similar to those of the corona virus and both cause symptoms in the form of a high temperature. If you have the flu, you may also experience a persistent dry cough.

During the flu, you may also experience headaches and loss of appetite. Experts have found that some people suffering from the corona virus have no symptoms.

Spread of the virus

According to Marr, someone who has the flu is most likely to pass it on to 1 to 1.3 people. However, the risk of transmission increases to 2.5 people when infected with the Covid-19 corona virus.

In addition, experts also found the Covid-19 corona virus can spread more than 10 people. Therefore, an event attended by 11 people can test positive for all of them if one of them is positive.


Extensive research has found that transmission of the corona virus is different for each child than in adults. Research at King’s College London experts also found that children have different symptoms of the virus than adults.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that children are important when it comes to flu. Because, children are important drivers of influenza virus transmission in the community


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