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Women’s EN internship

The players of the national female selection had to carry out the medical tests relating to Covid-19 according to the health protocol established by the competent authorities. National team players will begin training at the Mohammed VI Football Complex until July 12, 2020.
National Eleven coach American Kelly Ann Lindsey called on twenty-five players to participate in this camp, which is used to prepare for the next rounds.
Below is the list of players summoned:
Goalkeepers: Assia Zouhair (CAK), Iman Abdelhad (IRT), Khadija Ermichi and Hind Hasnaoui (ASFAR).
Joueuses de champ: Naïma Fadil (IRT), Zineb Redouani, Hanane Aït El Haj, Ghizlane Chebbak, Ibtissam Jraïdi, Sanaa Msoudy, Nouhaila Benzina, Nourimane Addy, Siham Boukhami, Fatima Tagnaout, Ghizlane Chhiri et Fatima Zahra Dm Aït Baba et Chirine Knaidil (CMLFF), Siham Bassir et Rania Salmi (CSA05), Noura Moudaini (CAK), Safaa Banouk (ANZA), Oumaima Tayar (ARAF), Fatima Zahra Akif (AJNL) et Soumia Hady (CFMF).

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