WO loses to Juventus it’s okay, Napoli is still okay


Naples occupy the top board Italian League standings. Partenopei is in good rank despite losing to a walk over Juventus.

Napoli won a big victory when they hosted AS Roma in the Italian League continued. At San Paolo, Monday (30/1/2020), Gennaro Gattuso’s team won 4-0 over the Giallorossi.

The additional 3 points led Napoli to equal the figures of Juventus and Rome. Napoli are in fifth place in the Italian League standings with 17 points.

In Serie A this season, Napoli never failed to compete. That moment occurred in a duel with Juventus to be exact, 5 October 2020.

Naples At that time, they were prohibited from traveling to Turin because they were considered vulnerable to transmitting COVID-19.

Napoli midfielder, Fabian Ruiz, revealed the importance of the victory over Roma. He mentioned WO’s defeat to Juventus.

“It was a good win, very important. It was tough because they played well and had good players. I believe we played well,” said Ruiz. Sky Sports.

“We did well last week, we listened to the coach and put in a good performance.”

“We know we have to stay focused all the time. Sometimes we make mistakes. We played two, three good matches, then one went wrong.”

“That’s what we have to improve and correct. We are in a good position in the standings, even though we did not play against Juventus,” said player number 8. Naples it adds up.

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